Chris Kroeze The Voice Top 10 Sings Callin’ Baton Rouge Tonight Live

Chris Kroeze Sings Callin’ Baton Rouge by The Oak Ridge Boys – The Voice Top 10

Chris Kroeze The Voice Top 10

TEAMKROEZE!!! HERE IS TONIGHTS SONG! Please put it on repeat and let er’ rip

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Chris Kroeze Sings Callin’ Baton Rouge by The Oak Ridge Boys for his the voice top 10 tonight

Blake took his team to the Pickwick Bowl for some bonding. Chis is a bad bowler. He plays this song back home on the bar circuit. People love it! He relates, being away from his family while he tours. He stays in touch with his kids during those times via Facetime. “America is falling in love with Chris,” says Blake, claiming he’s become a serious threat to the other contestants. Oh right. Not. Well. This is a fun cover. His musicianship is impressive–at one point he and the other musicians do an impromptu jam session on stage. I like his raspy tone, and effortless delivery. BUT. It still feels like he’s bringing his bar act onto The Voice. He’s playing it safe. “I love him!” gushes Kelly. She wants to be friends with him because he’s “super sweet.” Blake is so proud of him as a coach and fellow musician and country singer. “You brought country music to America right now.” Uhm. There are like a bazillion country award shows on television for anyone craving country music…

First performance? First song they slow danced to? First time being recognized? The Top 10 reveal their firsts.

Chris Kroeze Sings Callin’ Baton Rouge by The Oak Ridge Boys for his The Voice Top 10 performance

Chris Kroeze Sings Callin’ Baton Rouge by The Oak Ridge Boys: ITunes Download

Chris Kroeze Sings "Let It Be" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

Chris Kroeze Sings Let it Be:  Itunes Download

Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Team Blake – This Creedence Clearwater Revival song is a classic. But like Michael, I don’t think picking a mid-tempo song is smart at such a crucial time. These contestants have to find a way to stand out in a crowded field, and they have to find it quick. Having said that–Chris puts his own spin on the song. So good for him.

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Viewers react to Chris Kroeze The Voice Top 10

Travis Radtke Chris Kroeze is a very talented singer. I am truly proud to say I didn't have a DJ at my wedding. I had Chris Kroeze play at my wedding!! When I married Jennifer. Keep rolling bud. Were behind you 100% back home

Shana Davis Klimek Chris ROCKED it tonight! The best performance of the night, topped by an amazing guitar solo! 

Yalana Allen I've never had a chance to watch him perform until now and man! And he was so good!! Plus the way he plays that guitar?? I'm officially a fan.

Patti L Rhoads Chris was friggin phenomenal in his performance, perfection. Love watching him perform

Brittany Howard Best performance of the night for sure!!! Way to go Chris!

Melanie Philip Must be something in the air , but these aspiring artists with the long hair and beards get my vote every time. Must be a new trend set by the new real country music artist called Chris Stapleton. Unique voices always get my attention..average repetitious run of the mill, not so much.

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