Live The Voice Top 8 Chris Kroeze and Sarah Grace Duet Performance

Chris Kroeze and Sarah Grace Duet Performance – The Voice Top 8

Chris Kroeze and Sarah Grace Duet

The Voice season 15 Semi-Final performances air on Monday (Dec 10) with the results following on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 The Top 8 contestants will sing TWICE for your votes.

Three artists will automatically move on to the finale. The two artists with the fewest votes will be immediately eliminated and the middle three will contend for the remaining spot in the next finale via the Instant Save.

Jumpin Jack Flash/Chain of Fools – They do a fun thing together in a photo booth. Chris compliments Sarah, saying he didn’t have the voice she does at 16. Chris is on guitar and Sarah on keyboards. They’re playing out in front of a very loud band. Sarah’s vocals aren’t really cutting through hear they way Chris’s are. But then they do a little musical interlude, where they jam on their instruments. And it’s pretty cool. When Sarah grabs the mic and walks out from behind the piano, her vocals are finally front and center. The sound mixing on this is kind of wonky. 

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake – Chris won’t break out of his box this week. But why should he? Covering classic songs with a side of impressive musicianship is working for him just fine. Maybe he’ll break out the Jesus card but then, probably everyone else will too. 

Chris Kroeze Performs "Callin' Baton Rouge" 

Chris Kroeze Sings Can’t You See: ITunes Download

Chris Kroeze and Sarah Grace Duet

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Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – I love Sarah Grace, but I think her risky performances will finally do her in this week. With Kymberli taking the gospel route and Chris finding a comfortable, albeit safe groove, I think Sarah will be heading home this week in the bottom 2. I hope I’m wrong!

Sarah Grace's Vocals Soar to "Sign of the Times"

Sarah Grace Plays the Trumpet on Cover of "Amazing Grace"

Sarah Grace Sings Sign of the TimesITunes Download


Viewer react to Chris Kroeze and Sarah Grace Duet

Trina Staskey Wiater I agree with thousands of other fans… WE WANT THE ISSUE ADDRESSED that happened with Adam/DeAndre/Reagan. I mean seriously… if it came down to a finale and there were three contestants and one of them had a headache and couldn't perform, would they still win based on a popularity vote? Please don't rig the competition. In the Olympics, if you fall during the tryouts if you are a runner, you are out. It doesn't matter how long you've prepared, or what team you're on. It stinks and it is painful, but that's the way competitions are supposed to work.

Wanda N David Pickens THE VOICE ~ You can continue to deflect this issue forever! However, those of us who are outraged at Adam's behavior ~ have very long memories!! Ratings will tell the tale!!!! BTW, a number of my comments have been deleted!!! Also, you're doing a real disservice to all contestants. You're leaving them wide open to criticism that they might otherwise not be subjected to

Lori Jan Miceli This shouldn’t be about Reagan or DeAndre. No matter who it was Adam was totally unprofessional. What does having two little girls at home have to do with Reagan? Bring DeAndre and Dave back and eliminate two or three the next couple of weeks. This is on Adam. Call NBC and tell the recording how you feel. Someone will answer “how may I direct your call?” Ask for the complaint department and a NBC recording will come on to leave a message. 212-664-4444. Someone should have made a statement by now. love Chris Kroeze and Sarah Grace Duet

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