Chris Kläfford Performs On America’s Got Talent 2019 Audition Tonight

Chris Kläfford America's Got Talent 

He knows his look is “odd.” He sang “Imagine” for his audition. Oh. He’s singing an original this time. It’s called “Something Like Me.” It’s about people judging him over appearance. It’s a decent tune, he sings with passion. This song shows off his range. He’s better than the singer who preceded him, actually. Oh, he’s crying too, as the audience gives him a standing ovation. Brad calls him inspiring. Howie thinks he stepped it up by singing an original song. Julianne urges him to stay who he is. Simon was less excited when he watched his audition back. Singing original changes everything, he says. 

Chris Kläfford is a male singer/guitarist from Season 14 on America's Got Talent. Christoffer "ChrisKläfford, born on 10 April 1989 in Ramsberg, Sweden. 

He won Swedish Idol in 2017. He just turned 30. He looks older! His parents wanted him to join the family business. It hasn’t been easy. Except for that winning Swedish Idol thing–which of course he does not mention. His village was made up entirely of his family. I think he’s probably exaggerating. He was a fan of KISS. Is he really going to repeat “Imagine?” YAWN. It was his audition song for Swedish Idol, then he sang it again on the finale. It’s a nice version. I’ve heard better. I wish he’d sung something else. His voice has a nice tone, mixed with a bit of rasp. He’s got good range in his chest voice. Chris is very emotional, “This is weird.” As weird as Swedish Idol? Howie notes he wore his heart on his sleeve. Julianne felt his heart and passion. Simon thought he did something special with the song. – 4 yeses

Chris Kläfford – Imagine Lyrics

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He is Winner of Swedish Idol in 2017

Chris Kläfford – Keep it loose, keep it tight – Kitchen Session Episode 5

Chris Kläfford – The Seventh Trumpet – Kitchen Session Episode 4

Chris Kläfford with a 1955 Gibson J-50 "Windows Are Rolled Down" 

Swedish Idol winner Chris Kläfford surprises everyone with his powerful voice

Chris Kläfford – Cold At The Altar ft. BRÅVES

Chris Kläfford – Either Way cover, Kitchen Session (Living room edition) Episode 10

Viewer react to Chris Kläfford America's Got Talent performance

Michele Hanko His voice sang directly to my soul! I had goose bumps and was moved to tears! He has a true God given gift to reach and touch peoples hearts and souls through is amazing voice!! I can't wait to hear him sing again!

Sylvia Bishop Socks I don't know if it was such a big guy having such a lovely, heart breaking voice, but I just cried. John would be so proud.

Madonna Hammond Oh my gosh! Best performance this season! My husband and I backed up our television and listened to you again. I got goose bumps again! This is one of my husband’s favorite Beatles song. Mine too! We would have given you the golden buzzer! We both are interested in purchasing your album when you record! Best wishes!

Scott Muhlbaier Go Sweden! Not surprised he pulled that off coming from Scandinavia as that area has some of the best music to come from this world. Most Americans are just clueless as to the great talent (especially musical) from that country.
I vastly prefer him to the golden buzzer singer and he should have gotten it in my opinion

Richard Krasnoff I'm not a fan of the singers on AGT. But I liked that guy…He did a great job with that song… While i'm commenting…Though I'm ok with it…Cause I want to be entertained…How come it seems like most of the acts are from other countries this season? Did we run out of quality acts in this country?

Anna Löfgren Go Chris! You make us Swedes proud – the land of great music, where more world hits then people in the world know come from Sweden. Sweden is responsible for much of the shape of popular music: how songs are written, how they're recorded and, now thanks to Swedish Spotify, how they explode into the world ( Avicci, N Sync, Britney Spears, Kate Perry, Taylor Swift, Robyn, ABBA etc etc)

William Schweikert This is a song that is instantly recognizable to so many. The vocals are difficult making it challenging. I have to say when you get it right people shed a tear for the man that wrote it and I have no doubt the man that wrote it is looking down and proud of the one that just sang it. 
Well done sir and good luck.

Kyle Ash I'ma be real, ol boy at the end who got the GB was good, but this dude…I was working on a program for a friend, this guy got 3 or 4 notes in and I stopped, looked up and was in shock the rest of the time. This guys voice is amazing. He would have, hands-down, been my Golden Buzzer, not just on tonight's show, but ALL the auditions.

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