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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe Cam

This week, our giraffe care team is hosting their annual Giraffe Care Workshop. This exciting workshop allows giraffe care professionals from other zoos to learn from our team and other industry experts. For today's 201st Tuesdays, we're getting a behind-the-scenes look at one of the blood draw training modules. Other topics covered during the week-long workshop include training, browse, hoof care, conservation, teamwork, enrichment and guest or giraffe interactions. The goal is to create a community of giraffe professionals who leave the conference committed and empowered to continually improve giraffe welfare, both in human care and in the wild.

Watch for Laikipia, the Zoo's second pregnant giraffe this year. She has not yet shown signs of labor, but is also due anytime. You may be able to watch her in the giraffe birth stall, mainly overnight from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. She may also be outside with the rest of the herd on the Zoo's outdoor GiraffeCams 


Viewer reactions:

Monica Davidson What is the day we are at 484 or 485

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo · We believe Laikipia has been pregnant for 485 days.

Scherly Cruz · Will Rae be sent out for breeding?

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo ·That has yet to be determined. Usually, giraffe move to other zoos because of breeding recommendations from the Giraffe Species Survival Plan (SSP) program. SSP programs are designed to maintain a healthy, genetically diverse and demographically stable population for the long-term future.

Carleen Lucette  Why were Tumbili & Mashama neutered?


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo · Breeding-age males tend to be solitary in the wild, and can engage in territorial fighting with other males. Males at the Zoo would be the same, and would have to be housed separately from each other. If their genes are well-represented in the Species Survival Plan, the best option is for our males is to be neutered so they can be housed with the rest of the herd and with each other comfortably. We believe Laikipia has been pregnant for 485 days. Up until recently, we, along with other zoos, did not track detailed conception-to-birth timelines. The uptick in interest regarding giraffe pregnancies has helped contribute to the tracking of new information and records. Since AZA zoos have only recently started this more detailed tracking, we really can't say with certainty what the world record is for the longest giraffe pregnancy. Just like any mom who's nearing the end of her pregnancy, every day is different! Keepers have noticed some behavioral changes that are uncharacteristic for her, but that's to be expected. What is considered "affection" varies from species to species. Animals don't always like the same kind of affection that humans do. But rest assured, our giraffe and their keepers have an extra-special bond, and they express their affection in different ways, like treats and nuzzles.

Ingrida Ievans  Thank you for having some of the training sessions outside on the camera, so the rest of us can watch too! 
Tamu is in lettuce heaven!

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