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Chevel Shepherd Sings Blue by LeAnn Rimes – The Voice Top 8

Chevel Shepherd The Voice Top 8

The Voice season 15 Semi-Final performances air on Monday (Dec 10) with the results following on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 The Top 8 contestants will sing TWICE for your votes.

Three artists will automatically move on to the finale. The two artists with the fewest votes will be immediately eliminated and the middle three will contend for the remaining spot in the next finale via the Instant Save.

These Are The Top 8

Chevel Shepherd The Voice Top 8 tonight; Chevel’s ability to channel old school country greats like Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette makes ya wonder if the 16 year old hasn’t time travelled back to the 70’s. She’s sweet and likable to boot. I’ll be very surprised if she doesn’t somehow make her way into the final four. 

Chevel Shepherd Sings Blue by LeAnn Rimes for her The Voice Top 8 Live performance

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Blue by LeAnn Rimes – Kelly wants to show off Chevel’s pure voice this week. “LeAnn Rimes is going to love you!” Chevel began crying when Loretta Lynn reached out to her on Facebook. “Make your moment! Be a diva for a minute,” says Kelly.  These glimpses of Brynn at the showcase include previews of some new songs, so that’s cool. Chevel kicks off the song real slow with just a twangy guitar as back up, before the band kicks in. Kelly picked another perfect song to show off Chevel’s old school country soul. She yodel is an ache, her tone clear as a bell. So pretty yet so real. Adam loves her voice and what she represents. “It’s been so much fun watching you.” Kelly says, “This is pure country! They don’t make it like this anymore!” 

Chevel Shepherd Sings Blue : ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd & Kirk Jay: "She's Country" & "Country Must Be Country Wide" – The Voice Semi-Final

Chevel Shepherd Sings You’re Looking at Country for her The Voice Top 10 performance tonight

Aw she and Sarah Grace are BFFs. They have a special handshake! Chevel would love to make an old school country record like Loretta Lynn. Oh. Kelly can yodel! Ha. Kelly calls Chevel a “country tinkerbell.” That’s apt. Chevel grew up with 8 horses.

Chevel Shepherd Sings You’re Looking at Country : ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd Sings  Space Cowboy by Kacey Musgraves  for her  The Voice  Top 11 live performance in front of audiences and the Judges

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Clarkson – Space Cowboy – Single – ITunes Dowload 

Chevel Shepherd Covers "Little White Church" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

Chevel Shepherd Sings Little White Church: Itunes Download

Viewers react to Chevel Shepherd The Voice Top 8

Skyler Martin Unbelievable. You continue posting when you see 90% of the comments are people upset about last week and you still won't address it. Shows how much you really care about the people watching

Darla Lee Wanyo I think The Voice thinks they can continue putting posts up and the angry viewers will get over it … It is NOT going to happen. I can't wait until Monday's show to see if anything is addressed about last weeks unfairness !!! If they don't fix it, I am done watching the show 

Rebeca Saboia First of all, since Reagan wasn't able to sing, she shouldn't have competed with the other singers on Instant Save. And then, Adam shouldn't have told the people to vote for her, and the people should have voted more on DeAndre. Everything was wrong on it, lvoe Chevel Shepherd The Voice Top 8 performance

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