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Chevel Shepherd’s Journey on The Voice – The Voice 2018

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Chevel Shepherd won season 15 of “The Voice” on Tuesday over Chris Kroeze in one of the closest votes in the history of the show. Kirk Jay came in third while Kennedy Holmes was fourth.  Are you happy with this result? Vote in our poll below and then sound off in our comments section with your thoughts on the show overall as well as your opinions of host Carson Daly and coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Kelly coached Chevel, who pulled off an upset. She had been predicted to prevail by only 22% of viewers in our overnight poll following Monday’s final of “The Voice”. Kennedy had 30% of the total tally, Kirk was at 28% and Chris landed in last with just 10%.

Chevel Shepherd biography

Chevel Shepherd Age: 16

Chevel Shepherd Hometown: La Plata, New Mexico

Resident: Farmington, New Mexico

At just 16 years old, Chevel constantly impresses people with her powerful voice given her age and petite stature. She was raised on country music and the outdoors often doing crafts, feeding the animals and fixing up cars with her dad. Since Chevel was eight, she has been singing in town wherever she can, but she's looking for bigger musical opportunities. She is ready for her talents to be heard beyond her small town.

From the Blind Auditions through the Live Finale, watch all of Chevel Shepherd's performances

 Chevel Shepherd apple music

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Chevel Shepherd instagram

Chevel Shepherd Interview

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with “The Voice” Season 15’s Chevel Shepherd to talk about her big win, how she made history, and the best advice she received from coach Kelly Clarkson.

Chevel Shepherd: Up Close With 'The Voice' Season 15 Champ

Chevel Shepherd & Kelly Clarkson Press Conference 

The Voice : Chevel Shepherd WINS, Finale SHOCKING Results + Craziest Moments

Season 15 Winner Announcement

The Voice Winner Chevel Shepherd on Who She Wants to Tour With

Chevel Shepherd surprises audience with Amazing Grace

Everything to know about her:

1. Her mom inspired her to learn how to yodel

Shepherd first learned how to yodel after her mom showed her a video when she was about 11 years old. Before then, she had no idea what yodeling was.

“I just fell in love with it,” she told reporters after the Dec. 3 show. “So I kept doing it.”

When Shepherd sang LeAnn Rimes‘ 1996 hit “Blue” during the semi-finals the following week, she said she dedicated the performance to her grandpa.

“My grandpa, he always wanted someone in the family to yodel and no one can but me,” she said after the show. “So it was really cool having him sit in the audience and being able to sing that song for him.”

2. She originally auditioned for The Voice last year 

Shepherd originally auditioned for season 13 of the show by getting in line for the open call in Las Vegas, but she didn’t end up making it to the Blind Auditions as the teams were already full. She was then contacted by the show to audition again for season 15, which meant she luckily didn’t have to wait in line again.

“It’s been crazy,” she said. “I feel so blessed just to get a second opportunity.”

3. She “cried” when Loretta Lynn showed her support

When Shepherd performed Loretta Lynn’s 1971 song “You're Lookin' at Country” during the live top 10 performances, she got feedback from none other than the country legend herself.

Lynn shared the video of Shepherd’s Voice performance to her Facebook page and wrote, “Loved it, honey!”

“It was crazy getting feedback from Loretta Lynn after my performance when I sang her song,” Shepherd said. “I actually cried; I literally bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t stop crying because she’s a country legend and somebody that I really look up to. It was just awesome.”

4. She has an unusual talent that doesn’t involve singing 

Not only can Shepherd sing, but she said she can also do a “really great” horse noise and dog bark.

Another fun fact is that the high-schooler used to be a cheerleader.

“I used to fly and get thrown in the air,” she said. “That was really fun.”

5. She considers herself an “old soul” 

If her song choices from week to week didn’t make it clear, Shepherd confirmed that she considers herself “an old soul” after one of the live shows.

“I love the sound of older country music,” she said. “I love everything about it — the storytelling, all of the instruments and the musicality of it. I love being able to do something different that no one is doing now because it’s all modern country and old country is dying, as well as yodeling. I’d like to bring it back.”

Singing cuz it's raining

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Viewers react to Chevel Shepherd songs and performances

April Nolen OK y'all.
Literally no one cares if you "won't ever watch again" 
Literally no one cares if you think "such and such should have won"
We are all entitled to our preferences and opinions but just because you have one doesn't mean you are right. It doesn't mean the show is rigged. I wish the voice would post but turn comments off or at least start blocking you hateful ignorent people. 
Chevel deserved to win.
Chris, Kirk or Kennedy would have deserved it too had they got the votes. They were all phenomenal. Be happy for your pick making it so far and stop with the tantrums because you only make yourself look bad

Dorothy Anne Eddington Like I said earlier…I am not a country music fan BUT Patsy Cline would be giving this girl a standing ovation. This compilation of her contest songs could be its own album

Brianna Belley "She wouldn't have been my choice" But she was AMERICAS choice so keep your rude opinions to yourselves!! She is 16! Go troll somewhere else, she has a successful career ahead of her

Peggy Callon Pierson She is young she is great and we need to be careful with the remarks as she is young and we do not need to hurt her in any way.

Laura Martin Goodman Everybody’s negative comments need to be kept to yourself!!! If you!! don’t have anything nice to say just keep your mouth n thoughts to yourself

Don Williams Whiners – gonna whine.

How about let's just be happy for the *person* who won, and for the others for the great opportunity that they had to even get to be on this show and get great exposure?

Whitney Shaw I’m just glad it wasn’t Chris. He shouldn’t have even been in the top ten. Top two should have been Chevel and Kennedy!

Elizabeth Dudek Chevel won because she is the best. To all the Kennedy Kirk fans for being so mean and saying very hurtful comments about Chevel winning I'm sure they will get a record deal somewhere but I guess that's not good enough. love all Chevel Shepherd songs and her music

Nancy Barker The win for Kelly is all about placing the spotlight on her for her upcoming talk show on N.B.C next fall. She is now the NBC new darling.

Michael Skudar Chevel is young and talented and is needed on the country music scene now that Taylor Swift has abandoned the genre. I think she will do very well. I also have no doubt that there is a place in the industry for the other three finalists. I wish them all the best.

Linda Ackerman Good for her, however there were so many better singers this year. I'd go to Mckenzies concert, or Kennedy, but not to a concert to see a 16 year old yodel

Cindy Kiff She has a very country voice and for a girl to be that young with that kind of voice deserved to win. She has been one of my favorites sense day one..Omg goose bumps her singing .. Grandpa tell me about the good old days.,, Outstanding! You can understand her words and no screaming!,, love her..Congratulations Chevel

Gabriel Joseph Perez I wish they would give more time to the winners at the end instead of announcing the winner then that's it. No time for thank, one more performance, something instead of just "ok, see you next season"


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