Chevel Shepherd Sings Broken Hearts – The Voice Season 15 Finale

Chevel Shepherd Broken Hearts

The Voice season 15 Finale performances air on Monday (Dec 17). The Final four contestants will sing three times for your votes and  a new cover, a duet with the singer’s coach, and an original song.

On Tuesday (Dec 18) a new winner of The Voice will be crowned. who is she/he?

Dream duet partner? Song that makes them dance? Something they collect? Kennedy Holmes, Kirk Jay, Chris Kroeze and Chevel Shepherd answer rapid-fire questions.

Here`s how to vote for Chevel Shepherd  tonight

1. Vote on THE VOICE App
2. Stream my song on repeat as long as possible
3. Vote on the Xfinity site (10X per email)
4. Vote at

Chevel Shepherd Finale – Kelly’s “country tinkerbell” is only a teen, but she has the uncanny ability to channel country greats like Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton. And she does it effortlessly.

Chevel Shepherd Finale tonight, what song she will be sing?

Chevel Shepherd Sings Broken Hearts (Original song written by Shane McAnally, Ashley Arrison & Aben Eubanks)  for her The Voice Season 15 finale performance

Broken Hearts (Original song written by Shane McAnally, Ashley Arrison & Aben Eubanks) – It’s the first time Chevel has recorded an original song. It’s also the first time in a recording studio? But the finalists have been recording songs all through the lives? Hm.Kelly feels Chevel brings a beautiful innocence to the song. Chevel’s essential sweetness shines through her performance. A lovely and simple rendition. Chevel’s phrasing is subtle, effective and effortless. She makes it all look easy. In case you have not figured it out–now that my girl Sarah Grace is gone, I’m on Team Chevel. “Hey, you’re still awesome!” says Adam. He loves that she leads with the music. He loves how simple and straightforward the performance is. Kelly is tearing up. “I love this song…I knew I was going to find the perfect song,” Kelly feels it’s so special what she represents for women in country music. 

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – It’s a Little Too Late by Tanya Tucker: ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Duet – Rockin’ with the Rhythm of the Rain by The Judds: ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – Broken Hearts (Original song written by Shane McAnally, Ashley Arrison & Aben Eubanks): ITunes Download


Chevel Shepherd Sings Blue by LeAnn Rimes for her The Voice Top 8 Live performance

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 Kelly wants to show off Chevel’s pure voice this week. “LeAnn Rimes is going to love you!” Chevel began crying when Loretta Lynn reached out to her on Facebook. “Make your moment! Be a diva for a minute,” says Kelly. 

Chevel Shepherd Sings Blue : ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd & Kirk Jay: "She's Country" & "Country Must Be Country Wide" – The Voice Semi-Final

Chevel Shepherd Sings You’re Looking at Country for her The Voice Top 10 performance

Chevel Shepherd Sings You’re Looking at Country : ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd Sings  Space Cowboy by Kacey Musgraves  for her  The Voice  Top 11 

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Clarkson – Space Cowboy – Single – ITunes Dowload 

Chevel Shepherd Covers "Little White Church" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

Chevel Shepherd Sings Little White Church: Itunes Download

Viewers react to Chevel Shepherd Broken Hearts

Kathy Horton Kirk and Chevel Been my fav all the way thru it as much as I want Kirk to win I also want Chevel to win maybe we can get a tie and have a sing off between the 2 which ever song the best sung wins but I do have to say everyone of the singers are good wish them all the best in life in their music

Carol Easton At last a final four that is definitely the best of all! I feel McKenzie should have been in there also, but you could only have four, it was hard to pick four this time they were all good! I wont be disappointed this year with who ever wins, but my vote will go to Kirk – every time he sings I feel it deep, he has a story to tell and can make you cry, a true country singer of today.

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