Chayce Beckham Performs Fire Away on American Idol Finale

Chayce Beckham Performs Fire Away by Chris Stapleton

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The American Idol 2021 Top 3 will take the stage tonight grand finale for your votes. Only one singer will emerge as the winner at the end of the 3 hour live coast-to-coast event.

Chayce Beckham performs Blackbird by The Beatles
Bobby says his strength is connecting to folks. Chayce sees himself representing blue collar people. The song is re-arranged. It’s still a folk song, but the tempo is changed a bit, with the addition of blues elements. An iconic song like this needs to be changed up, but not too radically! He’s walking that fine line pretty well here. It’s a good song choice for him. Chayce’s fans will be pleased with that performance. Lionel is standing. “You have an identifiable voice….you gave us that identity. You’re going all the way.” Saying the quiet part out loud? Katy calls him “Chayce the Ace.” Luke invites Chayce on a bass fishing trip.

Chayce Beckham – Fire Away by Chris Stapleton
Chayce talks about the horrible drunk crash he survived. It helped him hit bottom before finally getting sober. His old co-workers where he operated a forklift greet him. Next, he heads home to his mom’s house. He crashed in his old bedroom. People have told mom that Chayce is an inspiration. He heads to his elementary school. He performed his first show in the fifth grade talent show. He ends his special day with a concert. HE’S CRYING BECAUSE HE’S HAPPY! “Full circle, man,” he says.

Excellent song choice for Chayce. It’s bluesy and easy, but emotional too. The chorus allows his raspy voice to let loose. Lionel calls the song a great choice for his voice. “That grit you have is undeniable.” Katy tells him to stay the guy from Apple Valley. Luke thinks he’s opened up a lot over the course of the competition.

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