Chayce Beckham American Idol 2021 Amazing Performances

Chayce Beckham American Idol 2021 Performances

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Tonight, the American Idol 2021 WINNER will be revealed. Each of the Top 3–Chayce Beckham, Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence–will perform three songs: A homecoming song that prefaces clips from their recent hometown visits, Favorite Moments on the Show, which are reprises and Judges Picks.

American Idol 2021 Top 2

Willie Spence – Runner-up

Chayce Beckham – WINNER


Grace Kinstler – 3rd place

Watch Chayce Beckham American Idol Performances

Chayce talks about the horrible drunk crash he survived. It helped him hit bottom before finally getting sober. His old co-workers where he operated a forklift greet him. Next, he heads home to his mom’s house. He crashed in his old bedroom. People have told mom that Chayce is an inspiration. He heads to his elementary school. He performed his first show in the fifth grade talent show. He ends his special day with a concert. HE’S CRYING BECAUSE HE’S HAPPY! “Full circle, man,” he says.

Chayce Beckham performs Fire Away by Chris Stapleton on American Idol

Excellent song choice for Chayce. It’s bluesy and easy, but emotional too. The chorus allows his raspy voice to let loose. Lionel calls the song a great choice for his voice. “That grit you have is undeniable.” Katy tells him to stay the guy from Apple Valley. Luke thinks he’s opened up a lot over the course of the competition.

Chayce Beckham – Blackbird by The Beatles
Bobby says his strength is connecting to folks. Chayce sees himself representing blue collar people. The song is re-arranged. It’s still a folk song, but the tempo is changed a bit, with the addition of blues elements. An iconic song like this needs to be changed up, but not too radically! He’s walking that fine line pretty well here. It’s a good song choice for him. Chayce’s fans will be pleased with that performance. Lionel is standing. “You have an identifiable voice….you gave us that identity. You’re going all the way.” Saying the quiet part out loud? Katy calls him “Chayce the Ace.” Luke invites Chayce on a bass fishing trip.

Chayce plays a little bit of his original song “23” for Finneas, who calls him “earnest.” Next, he sings a bit of “Cold Weather” his Personal Idol song. Finneas urges him to keep his voice as forward as possible. Chayce won’t play guitar for that song “Make sure the band doesn’t step on your toes,” Finneas says. As it turns out, he IS playing guitar on “Cold Weather,” and the band is kinda stepping on his toes.

It takes a minute, but the performance finally takes on an urgent tone on the second chorus.  He’s giving his fans what they want, for sure. “I knew you when Chayce!” gushes Katy. She’s glad he decided to play guitar on the song. She calls his guitar is his “ammunition.” Luke says people love artists who are genuine, and that’s why he got this far. Lionel assures him that people like him.

We get a little recap of Chayce Idol journey before he sings. The song is very personal. Chayce talks about a “mean” father, and how he hit bottom with addition. There were losses, but the redemption? “Sober” by 24. He only sings a snippet of the song. He follows it up with a reprise of a favorite earlier song “You Should Probably Leave” by Chris Stapleton. I don’t understand why he doesn’t sing a full version of his winners single?

He performs a terrific version of the Chris Stapleton song. “Who have you turned into?” asks Lionel. He calls it a “complete transformation.” Katy asks about how high his song charted. He says No. 1. “Forklift boy, your are a rockstar.” 

Chayce Beckham and Casey Bishop – Break My Heart Again

Finneas says it’s OK if Chayce takes melodic liberties. Frank Sinatra inspired the song. Chayce manages to strike an intimate, conversational tone. Casey’s voice is much bigger. She’s overpowering him. But, the harmonies are sweet. The two have very different styles, but they make it work, even with the awkward age difference. The song is about two old lovers, meeting again. And between two singers willing to interact, the song would be amazing.

Viewer react to Chayce Beckham American Idol performances

Lori Mercer Brown
Congratulations Chayce!! You might just be the only country musician I will listen to. Chayce was good but I’m sorry it should have been Grace then Willie then him. I have felt throughout this whole thing that it was set up for him to win. In fact just watching his demeanor and attitude all night it’s almost as if he knew he was going to be the winner. While the other two genuinely looked nervous about what the voting was going to reveal he just looked to cool and collected.

Susan Coleman
Congratulations to Chayce and also to the wonderfully talented 2021 lineup! This is my favorite show! I love you from the bottom of my heart… not just for being so talented, but also for being incredibly humble/ Love that raspy voice and was hoping he would win. Think Grace should have been in the final two! Congrats Chayce!

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