Idontwannabeyouanymore | Celia Babini The Voice 2019 Performance

Celia Babini: “idontwannabeyouanymore” – The Voice 2019

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Celia Babini The Voice 

This young artist earned INSTANT CHAIR TURNS

Celia Babini perform Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore.” The jazzy performance is from Monday’s (March 18) The Voice Blind auditions episode.

The 17 year old New York City native so thrilled the coaches with her mature performance, that they all hit their buttons, hoping to convince the singer to join their respective teams. 

She has wanted to do music since she’s 3.  Her family isn’t musically inclined but her parents are artists- Dad’s a photographer and Mom’s a fashion designer.  Her Mom put some of Celia’s lyrics on her fabric.  She was insecure as a child, and music was her therapy.

 She’s sad that her Dad won’t be there cause he has to work, and right before she goes on stage he shows up and surprises her.  John is singing again as Celia takes the stage.  She’s wearing a long white jacket.  She has a Regina type voice, very unusual deep, lower register.

 Three almost immediate chair turns (all but John).  At the bridge, John turns too.  4 chair turn.  She doesn’t belt, but shows a lot of emotion and has a rich voice.  Nicely done.  3 judges on their feet.  John tells her he loves NY, and she has a power, range, storytelling, he heard Florence and Fiona.  She’s going to do well.  Blake says her performance was literally captivating.  He hit his button because he thinks she’s a champ.  He thinks she’s incredible.  Kelly tweeted about this song, and she loves that Celia sounds different then her.  

Adam tells her it’s his dream for her to win The Voice.  The show is ready for a winner like her, someone with her intensity and raw power.  She is the future.  Blake tells her his cat died today, and it wouldn’t brighten his day if she picks him.  Celia picks Team Adam!  Dang, Adam has a good team this year.  Adam says Celia is a unicorn, and we badly need someone like her in the show.

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Viewer react to Celia Babini The Voice 

Jeanette Groccia This is my favorite Billie Eilish song!! For those of you who are asking , the song is idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish. I think it’s daring and brave of Celia to choose this song because Billie has such a unique sound to her music. Celia did a really great job with the song and it showcases her voice well!

Kathy Kirkley Rentz I don't get it! I must have missed something! I could not understand a word she was singing!! Very surprised at Blake because he usually has to have clarity!

Carol Walton My mind didn't want to like her, but she gave me goose bumps. She has a unique and unexpected voice. She's hauntingly good, and the coaches caught that.

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