The Voice Battles 2019: Cecily Henningan and Selkii PERFORM “Head above water”

Cecily Henningan vs. Selkii PERFORM “Head above water”

Cecily Henningan  and Selkii 

He paired them together because of their ranges.  Cecily studies music at an art school, she learned music from her Dad.  She made a video singing her order at a drive through and it went viral.  Selkii is from South Africa, and she met her husband while working on a cruise ship.  Blake gave them an Avril song that will show the intimate sides and ranges of their voice.  Cecily is melodic while Selkii has angst.  Blake says it will come down to whoever is the most believable.

Selkii has a hat on and is standing at the mic with her guitar to start.  Selkii has a raw, painful voice and Cecily’s is pure and powerful.  This is pretty good, their voices balance it each other.  Selkii is doing some ad-libbing and runs.  Selkii is not playing the guitar anymore at the chorus.  Cecily is so mature for 16, it’s hard to believe she’s that young.  Her voice is so powerful for her age.  Strong ending.  Kelly tells them they are different, Selkii is raw, rocker vibe, and Cecily is more polished.  She’s impressed with Cecily’s age.

 John says Selkii has a little more definition of who she is, but Cecily is younger.  Selkii broke Adam’s heart in the blind auditions by picking Blake.  He gave the advantage to Selkii, but Cecily sang the crap out of it.  I think Selkii won this, and think that is who Blake will pick.  Let’s see if I’m right…  Blake doesn’t know what the right thing to do is.  He decides to go with experience… the winner of this battle is… Selkii!  Not surprised.  Cecily thanks Blake for the experience and she will always cherish it.  Blake says Selkii knows who she is an artist.  Cecily Hennigan is eliminated.

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