Cecily Hannigan Sings “Foolish Games” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Cecily Hannigan The Voice 

The Voice Season 16, episode 6 airs Monday, March 18 as the final round of Blind Audition 2019 contestants take the stage in hopes of securing one of the nine remaining spots on a team. 

The Voice will run a special two-hour show on Wednesday, highlighting the best moments from the 2019 Blind Auditions. The show will then return Monday, March 25 for the start of the Battle Rounds.

Cecily Hannigan The Voice 

The next teen sang her way through a McDonald’s drive thru.  The video went viral on line and was on the Today Show, the Stever Harvey show.  She’s in a school for arts & humanities, it’s a selective school where she had to audition to get into.  She misses her family.  

She needs The Voice because the opportunity will open so many doors.  She’s wearing a blue lace jumper and a black hat.  She starts off a little slow, and it’s kind of boring.  About one minute in Blake hits his button as she hits some of the higher notes.  Still a little boring, but technically good.

 Her voice breaks at the end a bit.  One chair turn.  Adam says she’s awesome.  John tells her that her voice is beyond her years, she needs to showcase her power.  Kelly tells her it was a rad pick.  Blake says I don’t think you know what you’re capable of vocally.  He thinks she can blow the roof off the place.  Team Blake!  Blake is shocked that the others didn’t turn.

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