Catie Turner Take Me to Church | Catie Turner American Idol Top 14 Perfomance

Catie Turner Sings Take Me to Church For Her American Idol Top 14

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Catie Turner Take Me to Church

The 18-year-old Neshaminy High School senior has qualified for a spot in the Top 14, which will be televised live beginning on April 22.

After keeping her “American Idol” fate a secret for the last two months, Middletown teen Catie Turner can now finally blurt out to the world the most exciting news of her life:

She’s made it to the Top 14.

Tonight on American Idol 2018 Live Shows, What Will Catie Turner Sing?

Catie Turner sings Take Me to Church by Hozier For Her American Idol Top 14  performance in front of a live audience and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Catie Turner and Andy Grammer Sing "Good To Be Alive" by Andy Gammer for their Top 24 All-Star Duets performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

You ONLY learn a hair flip like this in Hollywood 

Quirky Catie Turner auditions for American Idol in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with her original song, "21st Century Machine."

Catie Turner: Get's Katy Perry EXCITED Over Her Original Called "Pity"

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Catie Turner: Turns Into LADY GAGA On Stage And Katy Perry Is In LOVE!

Viewers reacted to Catie Turner Take Me to Church:

Yanny Fernandez Catie has an amazing voice. I’m hoping the producers style her and teach her to scale back the personality.

Desiree Benter People can be so hurtful. Love her quirkiness! She’s different and she’s not afraid! Love it!

Jessie Randy Cobb I love her style just the way she is thats the problem with our world now we need to learn to love people for who they are!

Alexis Azócar Jauregui I don't quite like her personality but she seems very sweet and daaaamn, she is talented. Why r u ppl hating on her? 
You don't have to like her but that doesn't entitle you to be so rude on a KID. Grow up!

Paula Black I would like to see her hair trimmed and styled and maybe some highlights in her hair. She's a pretty girl.

Elaine Carson I think this chick is totally groovy!!! She is definitely fresh and funky!! Love her voice and Catie Turner Take Me to Church

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