Top 5 Catie Turner Songs American Idol Live Tour 2018 Latest Video

Catie Turner Sings Havana and Part of Me for American Idol Live Tour

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This was so fun I was obsessed with her soon as I saw her audition, sadly I didn’t get to meet her after the show but it’s was soo fun

Catie Turner Sings Havana and Part of Me for American Idol Live Tour

Catie Turner – Part Of Me at Idol Live 

Catie Turner and Jurnee Talk American Idol Tour 

Maddie poppe and catie turner live singing

Katy Perry & Catie Turner Perform "Part of Me" – Finale 

Catie Turner Sings "Manic Monday" by The Bangles

Catie Turner Sings "Take Me To Church" by Hozier 

Catie Turner and Katy Perry

American Idol 2018 

Katy Perry and Catie Turner sing Part of Me” American Idol Finale

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Catie Turner and Katy Perry

ABC reveals the guest performer and song lineup for MONDAY, MAY 21  (9:00–11:00 p.m. EDT) American Idol Grand Finale. At the end of the night, the winner of the 2018 season will be crowned. 

Catie Turner and Katy Perry sing " Part of Me" by Katy Perry for their performances during the grand finale



Katy Perry – Part Of Me (Official)



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Fan reactions:

Jo Ehmann I’m glad she’s gone she made me nervous and took away from her singing with all her stupidity on the stage. I guess she thought all that nonsense would help her get votes. So as far as I’m concerned bye-bye and glad you’re gone. She needs to grow up and be more professional.

Alexis Carver Heaven forbid the world get a singer that isn’t cookie cutter. “She was too crazy” “weird”. You mean vibrant?? Honest?? Didn’t pretend for the sake of TV. Actually looked like she enjoyed being on stage? 
Everyone complains about Hollywood being full of fakes. But the second a real person takes the spot light you all freak.

Hope Langevin I truly wish negative comments werent allowed. Way to hurt someones self esteem with the ignorance and name calling.

Ashlie Diard Loved her but her performance tonight hurt her big time. At this stage in the game mistakes and forgetting lyrics is a deal breaker even though it happens to professional artists all of the time. I hope she takes all she's learned and matures and continues to work not only with music but on her self esteem. Give it a couple years and she will be a force to be reckoned with

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