Catie Turner Duet | Catie Turner & Andy Grammer KILL "Good To Be Alive"

Catie Turner & Andy Grammer KILL “Good To Be Alive”

Catie Turner Duet

Catie Turner Duet on American Idol tonight , she teamed up with Andy Grammer on a fantastic rendition of “Good To Be Alive” by Andy Gammer for their Top 24 All-Star Duets performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

Catie Turner

Catie Turner 

It was a very strong start to the evening of duets, with Turner and Grammer working together to put on an entertaining show. But Turner also sounded great throughout, showing off her unique indie sound for the live audience.

Catie Turner Duet tonight:

Katy Perry reacted to Catie Turner Duet:

“You are such a natural,” Perry said. “Obviously, you’re a star because it feels so natural for you to be around other stars. You were doing incredible harmonies. You were kind of like soaring all over the place, and it was such a complement.”

Richie Katy Perry reacted to Catie Turner Duet:

“I’m sure you are several people, you are several ages. You are doing things you’re not supposed to know yet … I couldn’t tell you any points, except you killed it.” Finally, Bryan called her an “anomaly, the way you harmonized with a big-time singer like you guys have been on tour all year together. It was amazing.”

Catie Turner sings "Call Me" by Blondie for her Top 24 Solo performance in front of a live audience and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Catie Turner Auditions for American Idol With Quirky Original Song

Catie Turner 21st Century Machine

Creep – Radiohead Cover by Catie Turner

When she was 7 she wasted my childhood wanting to get older and now that she is older she is mourning the loss of her childhood 

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American Idol Social Media Reactions

Catie Turner Duet Catie Turner 


Viewers reacted to Catie Turner Duet:

Candace Dun

I can't believe how people say she's hard to watch… Why? Because she's different? Because she's not like you would expect her to be? Because she's unique? Because she isn't produced and a vision/image that some producer has created so that she is "pleasing" to the eyes. Her talent isn't just her voice… Her old soul will take her far. She will be happy when the majority is miserable. She is a individual.. not a follower.

Woody Arenas

Catie Turner Duet, well well she has an amazing voice but her stage presence is annoying and borderline obnoxious. She is difficult to watch and needs to control herself a little more.

Samantha Gibbs Garrett Catie you are beautiful & talented! It is great to see a young person be themself. Keep doing you.

Judy Charles I'm glad she made it to the next round. Keep on being yourself. Don't ever be afraid to show your feelings.

McKayla Stahl Bower Catie and Cade the two born stars. They own themselves. Cades a country boy an he sings rock like a god! Not country! He changes songs up and nails them his way. Love Catie Turner Duet, Catie is a girl I want my daughter to grow up to be. Fearless and true to herself. All you haters probably bullied kids like this when you were in school. Well look at her! Her Style Will become a thing I swear. I love who she is and I hope she doesn't change to please you nasty people. She's so beautiful! She's freaking real! An her music she writes is amazing.

H.L. Ridgeway Reading some of these comments and I must say they are appalling… please remember she’s a teenager and not one of these teens that look and act like they’re in their late 20s but an actual teenager… she’s nervous and anxious and excited and everyone handles that differently, if you don’t like watching her then use her performance as the time to get a snack or use the bathroom but don’t belittle her and say mean things about her , what if she was your child, you wouldn’t want people to say the things y’all are saying to your child

Caitlin Maddie I honestly think that if people couldn’t see her but only hear her sing, these judgmental opinions wouldn’t be a thing. She’s absolutely amazing. I’m judging her off of her actual talent rather than her social skills unlike some people who believe this show is about social skills and wardrobe 

Gina Scotti-Bulger Why does everyone feel so entitled to pick her apart? Geeeesh she has talent – who cares about what she’s wearing, or that she gives big bear hugs?? She’s truly appreciative.

Preston Taylor Soto-Rey She freaking flicked him in the nose when he was finishing his performance. Like I'm all for being different and unique but it's hard to imagine her being THE American idol and taking on more serious and sultry songs and roles in her music career acting the way she does…

Christine Mackoon I love her uniqueness! Stay true to yourself Catie!!! Don't conform to what others think you should be, show them how to love themselves! and love Catie Turner Duet

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