Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman Clashes With CNN’s Anderson Cooper

When Carolyn Goodman began her week, the independent mayor of Las Vegas likely didn’t anticipate that in a matter of days she would become one of the most-talked about... Read more »

Melania Trump silent after husband mocks Greta Thunberg

First lady Melania Trump has yet to speak out in the wake of President Donald Trump’s mocking tweet directed at 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, in which he told... Read more »

Greta Thunberg says she’s taking a break

Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old climate activist and the youngest person to win Time’s Person of the Year, says she is taking a break. Time’s environmental writer Justin Worland talks how... Read more »

Watch the full House Judiciary Committee vote on impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee votes on articles of impeachment. #CNN #News #politics Share your feedback to help improve our site experience! Read more »

UK election: Donald Trump, Brexit and toxic politics

Labour party activist Aaron Bastani, Conservative Party activist Emily Hewertson and Young Liberals UK policy officer Tara Copeland join The Brief’s Bianca Nobilo for a discussion about the issues... Read more »

UK election forecast: Conservative majority narrows to 28 seats

A new YouGov forecast projects that the Conservative majority will narrow to 28 seats, down from the 68 seats calculated by the same YouGov model and published a the... Read more »

India passes citizenship bill that excludes Muslims

India’s parliament has passed a bill that would give Indian citizenship to immigrants from three neighboring countries — but not if they are Muslim. #CNN #News Share your feedback... Read more »

Jeremy Corbyn says he will not lead Labour into next election

Labour Party leaderJeremy Corbyn announced that he will not lead his party into the next election. Corbyn spoke after winning his seat in the UK election. Corbyn’s Labour party... Read more »

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins UK election

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has won at least 326 seats in the UK election — enough to guarantee a majority. #CNN #News Share your feedback to help... Read more »

Anti-Semitism on the rise at French-German border

There has been a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic attacks on the French-German border with more than 40 different incidents of vandalism at schools and on village walls in the... Read more »
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