Woman Throws Disabled Dog Out Of Car, Kicks Him Face-First Into The Ground

The video shows a disabled dog, Tintin, being pushed out of the car by his owner. The owner, who dumped the dog twice, is now facing the wrath of... Read more »

Woman Kills 8 Puppies In Front Of Their Mother “To Teach Her A Lesson”

It all happened about nine months ago on March 15, in the town of Krishnanagar, India. As you may know, India, like many other countries around the world has... Read more »

Man Who Brutally Beat His Dog With A Hammer Is Sentenced To Just 50 Hours Of Community Service

The intelligent and sentient animals deserve the same in return. No matter how bad a dog misbehaves, beating them is never the solution. An Australian man pleaded guilty to... Read more »

Man Cuts Puppy’s Ears Off With Scissors To “Crop” Them, Leaving Him In Agony

When they arrived at the home, they discovered 45-year-old Nakial Bettes sitting in a car with a Pit Bull puppy. Detectives searched the home while Betts and another woman... Read more »

Dog thrown from a bridge with mouth taped shut thanks the man who saved him

When one dog was found by a passerby, abandoned and shivering cold, he had not only been dumped but his mouth had been taped shut with electrical tape, giving... Read more »

Drug Addicts Took Turns Beating Him With A Bat & Say It Was All “In Good Fun”

We are built for compassion. We, as humans, understand that animals are nearly helpless and need gentle care and understanding. Sadly, in this kitten’s case, he wasn’t just on... Read more »

Puppy Dumped By Owner In Middle Of Nowhere, Chases A Jogger And Begs To Be Rescued

The puppy was hiding behind the bushes and still recovering from the shock of being dumped by his owners.   The jogger went ahead and checked on the helpless... Read more »

“Don’t Make Me Fight” He Cries Out Loud While They Bite Him All Over

Dogfighting still exists, especially in parts of the world where it isn’t illegal or the laws aren’t strictly enforced. Sometimes the dogs used as ‘bait’ to train the fighters... Read more »

Badly Injured Dog Rescued After Being Buried Alive In The Sand

The severely abused dog that had been cut by a machete and buried alive is now recovering thanks to PAWS rescue group.   “This beautiful girl was found by... Read more »

Cop Rescues Kitten Left In The Rain And Now They’re Fighting Crimes Together

We are pretty sure you’ve seen a lot of dogs partnering with the police to fight crime. Not just in real life, but also in movies like Turner and... Read more »
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