Animal Adventure Park Arty the AFL Day 23

Day 23, not to neglect, Safety first, one must protect! Assigned the mighty, big cat pride, Other side of fence, Arty must hide! Inquisitive lions, each investigates, First the... Read more »

Animal Adventure Park Special Jungle Bells

We were devastated to not open the weekend before Christmas, due to the snow, and have to cancel on a number of our group reservations! GREAT NEWS – the... Read more »

Animal Adventure Park Arty the Afl Today

Day 20, monkeying around, Bobo and Kiki, capuchins he’s found! Playful and trouble, perfect pair, Have stolen Arty’s hat, exposed his hair! But, this game, our elf, has played... Read more »

Super Bowl 2020: April the Giraffe makes her pick

Will the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs take home the Lombardi Trophy? According to April the Giraffe’s prediction, the 49ers will bring home a Super Bowl... Read more »

Rowan the Giraffe at The Wilds

The Masai giraffe, born at The Wilds on August 30, is now officially known as Rowan! The honor of naming the calf has been given to Jackie and Bill... Read more »

5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Exercise

Fight Feline Obesity Through Exercise You love your cat – and that’s the understatement of the century, right? Many of us feline fanatics are quick to display our undying... Read more »

Human Builds A Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House For His Cat In Order To Please His Master

Check this badass cat house made out of cardboard and designed to be in a cool dragon shaped, which even has some proper advance.

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20 Pics Prove That Living With A Cat Is Tricky Sometimes

Having a cat benefits you in many ways and the struggles come with it is real too. And not so lucky for them when they got caught at... Read more »

Black Cat Crashed A Football Match And Refused To Leave

Next time when you have no invitations, just imagine you're this cat.

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Indoor Tree Shelter For Cat – Another Great Work By Human

A man creates outstanding work that can be a cat's shelter and a miraculous piece of decoration.

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