Casey Bishop Performs Love Me, Leave Me On American Idol Top 4

Casey Bishop Performs Love Me, Leave Me On American Idol Top 4

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The highest four finalists, which includes Grace Kinstler, Casey Bishop, Chayce Beckham and Willie Spence will complete a complete of three tunes. They Each individual will sing their unique winners solitary, recorded previously during the 7 days by using a staff of top rated notch producers. The contestants will also conduct a music honoring their Personal Hero. And Finally, the quartet is going to be break up into two duos and can complete music with the visitor mentor, Finneas. The Billie Eilish sibling and musical collaborator may also execute along with the singers.

Casey Bishop Performs Love Me, Leave Me On American Idol Top 4

Again, first it’s a little recap of Casey on American Idol. First, Casey performs her single “Love Me Leave me.” This song gives some indication of what Casey might sound like on the radio. She follows the song up with her audition song “Livewire” by Motley Crue. I’m not down with song snippets as performances.

The contestants are killing their reprises, because it puts them firmly back in their comfort zone. “What was that?” yells Lionel. “You can be so whimsical then in the middle you drop the bomb….I loved it.” He adds, “I want front row seats and backstage passes.” Katy says her favorite song right now is “Love Me, Leave Me.” Katy marvels at her versatility. “You checked all the boxes.” Luke says she’s ready for all the legendary rock and roll venues.


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Viewer react to Casey Bishop performs Love Me, Leave Me 

Alain TheCommish Allaire

She’s a rocker, came in singing rock songs…. Now she’s going pop?? Big mistake in my eyes, stick to rock and it’s all yours! This is so Avril Lavigne-esque and I LOVE IT. Just because she has a “big” voice doesn’t mean she needs to be big all the time. Balance is super important and songs like this are refreshing on the ears.

Juliana Simpson

This isn’t ‘pop’ this is alternative. Just because this girl has expressed an interest in rock doesn’t mean that’s the only genre she has to stick to. This was objectively one of the best (and most radio friendly) sounding singles. These singles, by the way, are picked for them in the hopes that it’ll sell.

Margie Parent Ringler

She is an amazing entertainer…. she has pipes and rules the stage. I think she’ll make regardless of the American idol out come! Oh and she adorable! Dear Lionel I love you so much

Love is the more important things if you see positive way if we see positive energy if you see very a day comment is a blessing things always prying not to losing you to having you always in my heart that’s why I love you be with me I need you always with a a lot of patient patient is a ke

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