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Carter Lloyd Horne Sings Let It Go – The Voice Top 13 

Carter Lloyd Horne  Let It Go 

The Voice season 16 starts tonight with 13 contestants performances.  The theme for this week was "Fan Night", meaning that the artists performed songs chosen by the fans.

Eliminations will be similar to the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth seasons semi-final rounds. The seven artists with the most votes make it straight to the Top 8. The three artists with the fewest votes are instantly eliminated and the middle three fight for the remaining spot in the Top 8 via Instant Save.

What song he will be singing tonight for his The Voice Top 13 performance

It’s just Carter and the acoustic guitar standing at the mic stand.  Tender, quiet opening.  He is just playing and singing concentrating on his voice.  This song is boring, this performance is boring.  He has a good voice but this isn’t memorable enough but he’s Team Blake so he probably doesn’t need to be too memorable.  Blake standing but that was meh…

Blake says the fan-picked songs make him nervous, he was worried a little bit.  But he takes everything that gets thrown at him and runs at it head-on.  He killed it tonight.

Carter Lloyd Horne Sings Let It Go for her The Voice Top 13 live performance tonight

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