Carmen Carter Come Together" America's Got Talent 2019 Performance

Carmen Carter Puts An INCREDIBLE Spin On “Come Together” by The Beatles – America’s Got Talent 2019

Carmen Carter – Former DWTS and Background singer – She had dreams of being a star, but couldn’t climb to the next level. Background work has been profitable, but she longs to be a solo singer. She sings “Come Together” by The Beatles and gets the crowd involved right away. She has an incredibly strong voice with an impressive range. But she’s a bit generic? And it this point, the big voice diva thing is considered old fashioned. If she could fit the gospel niche, she might find a home there. Big standing ovation for Carmen. Ellie calls it “unbelievable…you felt it in your heart and soul.” Simon says it wasn’t perfect, and she can’t keep doing cover songs. What? Howie is equally subdued. She’s obviously not going through.

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