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Cardinals To Release Tyrann Mathieu If He Doesn’t Take Pay Cut

During a visit with NFL Network on Thursday, Tyrann Mathieu revealed the Arizona Cardinals came and asked him to take a pay cut. His decision is expected soon, because if he is still on the roster come Thursday of next week, the first day of the league year, $18.75 million of his contract becomes guaranteed.

For that reason, many teams around the league expect the Cardinals to cut him.

If still on roster end of next week, Mathieu is owed an additional $18.75M in guaranteed money, including $8M of his 2019 salary. Cardinals have explored trades, but Mathieu could be cut if they can't re-work the deal.

Under his current deal, Mathieu has a cap number of $14.1 million in 2018, fourth-highest on the team. No one knows for sure how much the Cardinals want to cut into his current deal in order for him to stay on the team.

If history has told us anything, it’s if players decline to take pay cuts, they are released.

Viewers reacted:

Jerard Evans Sr. Why take a pay cut??? If you went to work tomorrow and your boss asked you to take a pay cut you know damn well you going to say hell nah lol go get your money this is a business.

Ronin Montez All these players being cut and traded. Imagine if there was an expansion team and they had an expansion draft? That team may be pretty good.

Cadence Anderson People complain that he is being selfish when in reality the Cardinals are trying to back out of a contract they signed him to.

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