Cameron Whitcomb Doesn’t Sing Like He Talks

Cameron from Kamloops is the back-flipping motorcycle mechanic the judges didn’t know they needed until now! His Canadian accent and high-octane energy are surprise delights. Let`s watch he sings Rock, Salt and Nails by Waylon Jennings tonight on American Idol 

Watch Cameron Whitcomb American Idol performance

Rock, Salt and Nails by Waylon Jennings – Cameron works as a Harley-Davidson mechanic, and hoo boy that Canadian accent is thick! Katy wonders if he’ll sing with an accent. It goes in and out, Cameron says. He demonstrates a back flip for no reason.

For the record, he sings Waylon with a southern twang. He’s got a little cry in his voice. He’s emotional, but effortless. He does a little bow afterward. Luke is not sure he knows what he’s doing. In fact, Cameron has never performed in front of people. Lionel loves his tone, but thinks he’s not “organized” yet. Lionel says no. Katy and Lionel say yes. I agree with Katy “there’s something there.” – 1 no 2 yeses

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Viewers react to Cameron sings Rock, Salt and Nail tonight

Brysoncitykitty Donna
Reminds me of the guys off the movie o brother where art thou. He has a voice similar to that love to hear him sing Big Rock Candy mountain..He wasn’t bad but should have had to wait until the next time in my opinion. I’m all for giving chances but compared to the duo. LOVED listening to Cameron!! I felt chills, sadness, beauty, longing, the need to walk into the sunset to greet the sunrise… Yes… felt all these feelings rolled into one… He’s special

Annette Lane
His voice was smoothing but I think if he is going through then I know for sure the debut guy should have made it. So glad he made it through. Good voice. He can only get better. Go Canada He said he was singin Waylons song then did it Tyler Childers version and tried to make it like it was his own and love Cameron Whitcomb American Idol performance tonight


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