Cam Newton Pretends To Sign Young Saints Fan’s Dustpan, Throws It In The Trash Instead

Despite the immeasurable amounts of charity work and community service along with give touchdown balls to children during games, Cam Newton still gets a bad wrap with some fans.

Those fans usually preside in stats like Louisiana, Florida and Georgia for no particular reason, but a few of them from New Orleans had some more dismay for something Newton did Sunday.

Inactive and on the sidelines nursing a shoulder injury in the season finale, Newton was chatting it up with his rival fans before he could be seen calling for a young Saints fan to give him his dustpan.


With New Orleans winning the first of the two matchups against Carolina this year, it’s likely that dustpan was brought to taunt the Panthers QB with a potential sweep, and Newton wasn’t having it. Cam took the dust pan and threw it into a sideline trash can, garnering boos from the home crowd.

Saints fans also took to Twitter to share their hate for Newton following the incident

Cam Newton showed real class today at Saints game by throwing a kids dust pan that just wanted a autograph thats real classy and he’s suppose to be someone kids looks up to yeah right @Panthers @Saints

— nickolas clayton (@nick_clayton78) December 31, 2018

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