Calum Courtney Semi-Finals Peformance and Advances to BGT FINALIST

Britain’s Got Talent 2018: Calum Courtney melts hearts at the Semi’s!

Calum Courtney melts hearts at the  Semi-Finals of Britain's Got Talent 2018

Isn’t she lovely? Don’t you mean isn’t HE lovely? Watch as Calum delivers a truly adorable performance of the Stevie Wonder classic.

Watch as he dedicates the song especially to his mum. But will he have the Judges’ hearts melting tonight?

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Viewers reactions:

Carl Brett Well done Calum, you definitely deserve a place in the final! My children, my wife and me thought you did brilliant! Ignore the negative comments!

Kirsty Davies Well done callum ! Doesnt matter what anyone else says ! You did fantastic for someone your age well done 

Amy Pile He was good but there was 3 other better acts in my opinion, if they don’t want to upset kids don’t have them on the show.

Tracy Jacob Nah sorry not my winners tonight, silly dance song that he did last time, Callum very cute, and very clever using his "mum" in the song, always pulls on people's heart strings ….just my opinion

Donna Marie McBride Shouldn't have gone through thought it was Britain got talent not cutesy factor. I'm sorry he's a kid he's cute and what he did for his mum was nice but I don't think it deserves a spot in the final. B positive should have got through along with the magic act


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