American Idol Caleb Lee Hutchinson on Good Morning American Interview

Caleb Lee Hutchinson on Good Morning American Today

Caleb Lee Hutchinson on Good Morning American

Caleb Lee Hutchinson appeared on Good Morning America for an interview and performance of his single "Johnny Cash Heart"

Rippon and Poppe appeared together on "GMA," where both champs spoke out about winning their competitions.

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Fans reacted to Caleb Lee Hutchinson on Good Morning American

Nicole Merritt I still believe Caleb would have made a better winner, and the way he carried himself after coming in second made me wish he had came in 1st even more, he is such a sweet and completely humble guy. He is definitely going to be picked up by someone and do amazing things. This is just the beginning for the amazing career ahead of him. He and Maddie are sweet together. Congratulations Maddie and Caleb for all of your success! I promise you, Caleb you're going places! Big places! Can't wait for more of your music!

Cecelia Jernegan Caleb voice was amazing. I never watch TV much but caught him singing one night as I was channel surfing and I am sure he is going to have a great career. Congratulations to the winner.

Jali Hochmuth This was the best American Idol ever – the judges really did well picking the talent this year (I didn't agree with a couple of them but hey). It got that way that there was no clear forerunner, all of the contestants were fantastic in their own way. Congrats Maddie love your unique style 

Faye Hammock Rudd Congrats to Maddie she is humble gracious and she didn’t have to show skin with dresses up to her butt to win and to be something she isn’t she is a real down to earth girl and I hope her and Caleb succeed in everything life and can bring them a cute couple. Also gabby showed no taste at all when she just walked off stage and didn’t say anything to Caleb and Maddie

Karen Ehresman Congratulations to Maddie! Although I was hoping that Caleb would win, Maddie was awesome as well. Then when Caleb announced that Maddie was his girlfriend, that was so sweet at that point they both were winner's in my book. Caleb has such a amazing voice I'am sure we will be hearing lots of him on the country music stations, which is what I listen to!

Karen Snow Congratulations Maddie. I knew it would come down to Maddie and Caleb. I liked them both. Great to see all Maddie’s dreams come true. 
Being the winner of American Idol, having a great boyfriend and a trip to Hawaii. What a blessing!. love 
Caleb Lee Hutchinson on Good Morning American today.

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