Caleb Lee Hutchinson Gettin You Home | Advances To Top 10 AI 2018

Caleb Lee Hutchinson Advances To Top 10 on American Idol

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Caleb Lee Hutchinson Gettin You Home 

Caleb knows who he is, but hasn’t really developed a distinctive style yet. I mean…we’ve already got Scotty McCreery. But he fits the mainstream country lane comfortably. And he’s got that lane all to himself. 

Caleb Lee Hutchinson  Gettin' You Home Caleb Lee Hutchinson Advances To  Top 10 on American Idol

Disney Night American Idol 2018 Top 10 . This is Full Performance during the AI Season 16 Episode 15

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Viewers reacted to Caleb Lee Hutchinson Gettin You Home 

Mandy Caleb Duckett  Can't help but to giggle and smile thinking of the girls watching this from his town that never gave him a chance before. He's becoming a heart

Ginger Stover Wilson camera men STOP showing katy perry; show all 3 judges all of the time. gosh get a life. I am a girl and she does nothing for me. I want to see them all.

Derek Meeks He tries to hard to sound country. Voice isn’t natural and you can tell by all the shakiness that comes with his performances. He’s decent, but he won’t win

Susan Brown Handley He should win American Idol! He’s original, he’s humble, he is passionate about music, he thanked Jesus, his voice is incredible and country music needs him!! Maybe he will get them back to their roots! Plus, he’s from Ga!!!!!! Defiantly has my vote!

Jaimee Sorrell I flipping love him. If singing doesn't work out, he could make a career out of stand-up. Plus, he's super cute. Too bad I'm like 12 years older than him and married 

Ella Baroudi I think Caleb could sellout shows and CDs right now. He doesn’t need to win American Idol but I wish him the best.

Amy Davis Outstanding! Marvelous! Wonderful! I absolutely loved this. Here's the rub: I don't even like Country Music. But I'll tell ya, if the lyrics were good, I'd buy Caleb's CD. Just crazy good.

Shirley Young Caleb can win this whole thing!!! I would buy his CD. This kid can sing!!! I love country music and that he is. Proud of his song choice. He has a great voice too. And he's a cute too.

Crystal Robinson I think he sounds great, but he kinda sounds nervous when he sings. And I'm sure, being on a stage in front of millions of viewers can be nerve wrecking, but he's got to get it together to win. 

His vocals are amazing.

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