Caleb and Maddie Poppe Sing Love birds – American Idol Tour Live 2018

I know they can harmonize better than this. Still love seeing them both on stage singing.. They are so natural and funny. It may sound better live. Love them both and wish them many many years of happiness together . It did get better towards the end. I pray they hold on to the love they have and that it grows throughout the years ahead.

Caleb and Maddie Poppe  Sing Love birds

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American Idol Live 2018 Top 7 finalist performance

American Idol Tour Live 2018 – Michael J performance

Viewers reactions

Claude Sweeton I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, I'll never understand why some find it necessary to say hurtful things about another… especially when they don't personally know that person, and that person has never done anything to warrant these hurtful comments… 

Here we have a young woman, she turned 20yrs last Dec, who put herself out there for everyone to see and judge her… I've never done something so brave, and I would believe that the vast majority of haters have never either!!!

My parents taught me that 'if I didn't have something nice to say, then its better to say nothing at all'… Too bad that civility is no longer part of the American landscape…

Deborah Henderson Enjoy the ride Maddie. Let me say this to all the people jealous of her. Everyone gets what they deserve and she absolutely deserves this. All the other idols will get what they deserve as well. But dam if this is how people act if they don’t like who wins in shows I am so glad you didn’t vote for her because these are people that should not be in good people circle

Mary Deaton Gabby was like too many already out there. Maddie is new and i love her voice and music and her looks. Gabby look and sound is going out

Poppy DeGeorgio Wow she is a great talent, she was my choice, different ,beautiful voice and a genuine person, happy for her success ,you can't please everybody, why try, you go girl!!! Love your VOICE

Joyce Shoubrouek I have watched her nearly everyday ,since the contest began! I did all I could do to get her votes ! Love, love to listen to her!

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