Blake Mesmerized By Caeland Garner’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest – Caeland lives on a farm where they raise goats and chickens and such.  He played music with his family. They’d play for hours. His main instrument is the Dubro. Voice alum Red Marlow is a pal. He convinced Caeland to move to Nashville. His parents have been very supportive.  Well. This is pleasant enough. The vocal is interesting, but too mellow, maybe, to get attention. Nevertheless, Jennifer and Blake turn. Blake calls his voice “unique” and says he’s “mesmerized by his sound.” Jennifer turned for the appreciation of a beautiful instrument. Jennifer realizes she has no chance when Caeland drops Red’s name. He’s actually backstage! He and Blake have a little reunion. Aw. Caeland Chooses Blake

Viewer reactions:

Jamie Russo Much better than the one whose dad was In journey. No wonder he never helped her out

Anita Pineda I hope he sings one of OUR favorites Keith Whitley

Jennifer Laughlin Borja He sounds a lot like Travis Tritt!

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