Cadence Baker American Idol Auditions Performance Tonight

American Idol Auditions will begin this evening with the participation of contestants from different regions. Who is your favorite contestant on the show?

Cadence from Muscle Shoals, Alabama will begin her journey on this year’s American Idol show performing in front of three judges. 

She shares on facebook:

“YOOO i just found out my audition is going to be an early release tomorrow!!! make sure to tune in at 9am EST on instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube,etc. I WILL STILL BE ON SUNDAY’S EPISODE”.

Watch Cadence Baker American Idol performance tonight 

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voiceeffects going to start doing parking garage series ig haha

♬ original sound – cadence baker

I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston – Idol dropped Cadence’s audition on Saturday. Her dad Shane came to the audition to back her up on guitar. And her grandfather is a songwriter, notably “I Swear” by “All-4-One.” She hopes the judges will see her as more than a member of a family legacy. She sings an acoustic version of the song. It’s soulful and jazzy. It helps that her dad’s backing is expert. She also has an impressive range. She can do a lot with her wonderful, expressive phrasing.
The judges give her a standing ovation. Lionel gushes over dad’s guitar playing. “I’m going to cry now,” he says. “Your daughter stepped right into the pocket.” Katy calls it “amazing.” Katy thinks she’s “got a lot of stuff.” Luke wrote “potentially top 10” on a piece of paper. We need a tally of how many contestants Luke predicts will make the Top 10. Probably too many. Having said that, Cadence is worthy. “She’s maybe the winner,” Luke adds. – 3 yeses

Fan reacto to Cadence American Idol auditions performance.

Jacob McCain
Her intonation is bonkers! I loved that she let her tone, vibrato, and little yodels and breaks lead the first half, then she started throwing some beautiful runs and mixed belt notes in there and brought the performance to another level! She has some soul! Certain people just make you feel happy and you just root for them. Cadence is adorable and seems like an absolute sweetheart. As a huge Whitney Houston fan I loved the song choice and loved her performance. I wish I could play the guitar like her dad !! He really was in the pocket. What a proud moment for them both as well as the entire family. Well done.

Amanda Moring
That was beautiful. Her voice is amazing. I wish they’d asked her to sing with dad at the end too. I’d have loved to hear them together. So amazing to hear Lionel praising her dad’s playing too. You could tell how made up he was hearing that!

CiCi Clair Rojo
Awesome cover of a Whitney Houston’s song from Cadence. Her father played the guitar well. The standing ovation from the Judges was well-deserved.

Dixie Sparks Walker
I’m wondering where the platinum ticket is? She earned it! Awesome job representing Muscle Shoals and your amazing family…and most of all representing what YOU can do!

Linda Serna
Wow how beautiful that was such an inspiration sweetie you are a star an your handsome daddy played that guitar so amazing you are going somewhere right to the top God bless you both an your family

Over the years I’ve heard so many covers and auditions with a Whitney Houston song. Quite a few of them were good, even fewer are great. Even fewer still are truly enjoyable to listen to. This was one of them and love Cadence Baker American Idol performance tonight

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