Cade Foehner No Good Performance at Live with Kelly and Ryan

American Idol Cade Foehner Sings No Good at Live with Kelly and Ryan

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Cade Foehner No Good 

The singer performed “No Good” by Kaleo, the song he chose to play during the Top 50 showcase round.

Afterward, Cade talked about dating 3rd place finisher Gabby Barrett, the importance of his hometown hair stylist, and his winner’s single “Breathe Out.”

Cade Foehner – Breathe Out 

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Fans reacted to 
Jenna Martincak I can't believe Caleb made it over Cade. I guess I actually can considering this is how America has always voted on American Idol. It is still the same.

Susan Taylor Lindeborn Cade you were always my favorite, but tonight even more so. Your talk with your Mom had me in tears, then your song choice on Mother's Day had me hysterical, I haven't been able to listen to that song since I lost my son, it was a special one to us. Tonight, I decided it was meant to be, that I listen to it. Thank you and I am so sorry you're gone 

Mary LeDuc Hull-Mallory People need to remember that it is a competition and there will only b 1 winner. Cade is very talented and will be signed by someone. He is a beautiful, humble young man and he had a bright future. It’s all good.

Caitlin Williams He should be in the top…. but this is not the last of him. This reminds me of when Chris Daughtry went home. This actually may be the best for him 
He’s definitely going places

Johnny Fleming him being voted off just confirms what i already knew. . most people don't know true talent when they see it. he was the best overall, and he will go the farthest in the long run. American Idol is basically top 40 stuff with a few country singers mixed in.. Cade is a heckuva lot better than 95% of what you will ever hear in the top 40 or country.

Vana Lyn When are people going to learn that American Idol doesn't have to be just pop or country…rockstars shook the foundation of the music we know and love today. Come on. Keep strong Cade, you have a stage presence like no one else! We'll see you again soon, I'm sure!!

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