Video: Cade Foehner Kissed Gabby Barrett

Cade Foehner Kissed Gabby Barrett

They could have to compete against each other.

Gabby Barrett, 17, and Cade Foehner, 21, are the talk of American Idol and might be the cutest couple on the show!

The two met on ABC’s American Idol, where they are both doing quite well for themselves.

“I think he is very talented on the guitar, there is no other contestant who rocks the guitar and wins America,” Gabby said about Cade. “I mean he’s just… There is something very different about his voice. I have never seen anyone with such a natural stage presence like his either… Like ever! So he has got it all!”

Cade and Gabby have managed to make it into the Top 10 and both received very high votes on the latest episode. Cade earned 20 percent of votes while Gabby earned a whopping 31 percent.

American Idol is a competition, so it is possible Gabby and Cade could be the last two contestants competing against each other. Gabby had the sweetest reply when asked what they would do if it came to that.

“I told him that if me and him were the Top 2 that we should do a song together instead of a song against each other,” she said. “So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens!”

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Both Cade and Gabby have been getting lots of attention for their performances and the thought of the two becoming the last contestants on American Idol this season is exciting due to their blooming romance.

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Gabby Barrett shared on her facebook page:

Don’t allow the need for people’s approval to wipe the smile off of your face. I’ve gotten the chance to meet families in Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House That remind me everyday just how blessed and lucky I am. I’ll be at tequila cowboys this Thursday and then headed to Nashville. I hope to see you guys

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