Cade Foehner on Taking Critiques and Meeting Katy Perry's Parents | Cade Foehner Interview

‘American Idol’: Cade Foehner on Taking Critiques and Meeting Katy Perry’s Parents

Cade Foehner Interview

The resident rocker finally met his fans, Katy Perry's mom and dad! Plus, how he plans to put a rock spin on Carrie Underwood's country songs when she mentors the top five.

Cade Foehner Interview

Katy’s mom and dad are honestly some of the sweetest people I’ve met. Thank y’all for the words of encouragement!

American Idol's Cade Foehner chats with Talent Recap about his rocker style on the show, being a possible WINNER of the season, Katy Perry totally crushing on him and his super close relationship with fellow contestant Gabby Barrett!

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Fans reacted to Cade Foehner Interview

Rick Seeger I think some "Radar Love" would be an awesome setup for "Stairway to Heaven" in the finale.
Keep it up Cade! Here in SC we are rooting it up for you!
God bless young man…
Keep it.

Geoffrey Head You know your fantastic the good lord has blessed you with this gift!! what a fantastic night!! like i said i have played Jungle Love over and over … can't wait for the home coming would love to meet your family.. God bless Cade heading to number 1 next week!! keep strong in faith God is using you (every step you take ) 

Barbara Briggs Let Jesus guide you every step of the way Cade!! Katy's parents are special and so is she, Lionel and Luke.  It's all about Jesus!

Lynn Niland Congrats Cade. You deserve to win…. not only do you have to learn the words to sing a new song or 2, but also the guitar notes! I know you play the piano and drums too, but the guitar allows sexier moves(LOL). You are the full package!

Wilma Ferrera Ylagan Cade I love you na…super sooper sooper doopper …amazing talent you have ..+ the personality..which is to much charisma for you outhere that watching you gonna be inlove.

Linda McIver Lorne Cade, 1st your performances and talent are the best and I pray you win! But the bonus is watching the “Cade and Katy show”. I got all of Hawaii voting for you on all methods! Keep rockin that gorgeous guitar and working that stage! You are my favorite American Idol contestant ever, love Cade Foehner Interview

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