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Cade Foehner Guitar : “Breathe Out”

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Cade Foehner Guitar

It's a common misconception that American Idol will help the contestants get signed with record labels after the show / season is over. In a perfect world, this would happen. But unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world.

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The numbers matter to record labels. Right now, recording companies are tracking how well American Idol contestants are doing with their singles on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. So, we've got to get Cade's numbers up on all of these platforms. And there are ways of doing this quickly – start to play the song, drag the slider bar to the end, then press the Refresh button. So please help out.

Cade Foehner – Breathe Out

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The current numbers on YouTube as of May 31st at midnight are: 
Maddie Poppe's single is at 292,000.
Caleb Lee Hutchinson's single is at 153,000.
Gabby Barrett's single is at 129,000.
Cade's single is at 113,000.

I have about 15 tabs open to Cade's Breathe Out page on Youtube. I mute the audio for all of them. Then I just keep repeating the same sequence for each tab: start to play the song, drag slider bar to end, select Refresh button. really love Cade Foehner Guitar

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