Brynn Cartelli Up to the Mountain The Voice 2018 Brynn Cartelli - Top 12

The Voice 2018 Brynn Cartelli – Top 12: “Up to the Mountain”

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Brynn Cartelli Up to the Mountain

They remind us that Brynn is the youngest artist in the competition.  Brynn says the story of this song is her Mom and her family’s support, those who support her inspire her.  Brynn mentions Kelly’s version of the song.. I wouldn’t have done that…  

Kelly says she can tell a story just with her tone, it’s rare and impressive in a 15 year old.  She is doing a respectable job but she has hit some bad notes, but Brynn has peeps so she will sail through.  The middle to the end is much better than the opening. Strong ending.  That was decent.  Four coach standing ovation and they tell us yet again that’s she is the youngest at 15 in the competition.

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Alicia tells her she’s proud of her following her day dream.  She has a capacity about her that is from another planet, she’s interested in learning more about her.  Kelly is constantly shocked by her.  She has the craziest, eclectic taste in music and she nails all of it.  And did you know she’s only 15?

Viewers reacted to Brynn Cartelli Up to the Mountain

Randy Husbands Schuffert Top 3 prediction in no particular order: Pryor, britton, Brynn

Brenda Gard Beamish Is it just me or my tv? The music is drowning out most of the singers or the mic they use is not working properly. and when Carson opens the show, I can't hear a word he's saying because of the crown screaming. I may have to stop watching if the sound stays this bad. Love Brynn and Britton for sure.

Joann Ripard Taylor Wegela The only two, I believe that could actually sell records would be Brynn and Britton. They are young enough to be molded into what record producers want. Let’s face it, that’s what happens. Kyla is amazing and would be wonderful on broadway but she and all the others won’t get picked up by a label. I agree with others this season has been underwhelming. I’m thinking they are on too much and maybe it gets boring. Once a year probably would be enough, to bring the excitement back.

Max Hesh Why is the 14 year old the most comfortable and poised of all the performers?!? I believe that is the most impressive part of her success. Okay, just turned 15. I was impressed with the interpretation as well. I was like "oh great, another teenager singing this song but she took it to a new place which was pretty cool, and showed off her skill in doing so.

Brandi E. Castle I have Brynn picked to win! I think she is amazing! To be 15 years old and be so brilliant in her music is just unreal! 

Bruce Jones she is the only one last night that could sing in my opinion i was all ready going to vote for jackie foster on alicia team but the song she tried to sing was really bad so brynn got my vote.

Jillian Balcazar When Brynn sang ''Up To Mountain'' By MLK I thought It was alright There were times She sound like She was singing other times She sound like She was screaming & I heard a lot of pitchy problems too.

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