Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester Rock Out on “Rolling in the Deep”

The Voice Battles 25 kick off on Monday, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for talented singers across the nation. As the competition heats up, contestants will showcase their vocal prowess in head-to-head duels, aiming to impress the coaches and win over the audience.

Watch Bryan Olesen Nathan Chester the Voice Battle performance.

The battles are not just about singing; they are about passion, determination, and raw talent. Each contestant brings their unique style and interpretation to the stage, making every performance a memorable experience for viewers.

Bryan is in his 50s and is the oldest artist this season. He’s also the most famous–a member of the popular Christian band, Newsboys. Nathan and his wife met working as singers on a cruise boat. John feels they both have a “classic” vibe. John helped the two singers with their harmonies and phrasing. John feels that both singers have a chance to advance.

Team John Legend artists Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester face off singing Adele’s classic hit “Rolling in the Deep.” Bryan is a Christian artist, already famous as a member of the Newsboys. Nathan is an impressive soul singer who cut his teeth performing on cruise ships.

Viewers reaction:

Nathan’s start was great. Bryan grew during the performance and was way better in the second half, especially at the ending. Impossible to decide the winner here. Both of them should continue in the show This was PERFECTION!! How can you choose between 2 powerhouse masters? The best rendition of this song I’ve ever heard. Your voices are next level – chills! Thank you for giving your all Nathan & Bryan – your incredible talent moves & uplifts us

This will be one of the most memorable performances. Both Nathan and Bryan didn’t really leave anything on the table. Both have distinctive vocals, and THEY BOTH ARE POWERHOUSES! Both took control of that stage, and I’m eager to see their Knockouts, cuz I think they’ll be in the lineup for a coach to bring them to the live show. Nathan has a smooth and soulful tone and his vibrato is just as smooth. Bryan’s vibrato soared with wonderful tones, and when he hit that highest note, he almost blew through his vibrato-I can’t stop watching him. Regardless, they both won that Battle Round! One of them will be stolen and love to watch Bryan Olesen Nathan Chester the Voice Battle performance tonight on NBC

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