Browns Spoke To Deshaun Watson About Sexual Assault Cases

The Cleveland Browns trade for Deshaun Watson wasn’t met without criticism from Browns fans, but the team assured fans that they did their due diligence regarding the 22 sexual assault allegations against the QB.

Well, this is a bit concerning.

According to The Athletic, the team spoke with Watson for a total of 30 minutes about his role in the allegations and then proceeded to spend the remainder of the time discussing football.

The Browns, whose interest for bringing Watson in stems back to September of last year, also failed to reach out to any of the accusers as well as Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing said accusers.

Viewers react to Browns Spoke To Deshaun Watson About Sexual Assault Cases

Kristen Brown
I mean, they did their due diligence. He’s not been found guilty of any crime and the timing of these allegations and the one lawyer they are using is suspicious, to say they least. He’s facing civil lawsuits and it’s sounding those may go away soon because the stories aren’t making sense, especially since most of the women wouldn’t talk to the NFL for their investigation. They wouldn’t take that chance on him just for a few wins. He’s been cleared. What else was there to talk about besides the civil suit, and if/when he’s gonna be able to play

Bill Trowsdal
No criminal charges filed, that’s all they cared about…..they know he’ll get 6 games off which is standard practice for the national felony league!. Seems logical they took the advice of a homeless person in drafting Johnny Football

Ian Rutka
Doesn’t really matter. The Browns could sign Uncle Rico and Al Bundy, who are 2 of the greatest players ever and they will still suck…. love NFL memes

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