The Voice 2018 Britton Buchanan – Top 12: “Small Town”

Britton Buchanan Small Town

Britton is singing a song that has never been done on the show.  Alicia says he has a really,funny, incredible personality that is endearing.  He has a shot to win this thing!  Britton says he grew up in a small town so he can relate to it.  He now has no chaperones and he can binge  watch the Office and not feel bad about it.  He’s playing the guitar, and already playing to the audience. 

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 But this is just not that good.  It’s hard song to sing, but he has peeps too so he’s probably fine.  He sounds almost like’s he is talking instead of singing.  A few big notes but overall not that impressive.  Again, I don’t like it and he gets a four coach standing oviation.  LOL I’m clearly hearing something different.

Viewers reacted to Britton Buchanan Small Town

Michelle Swearingen Wiggs He is so adorable, looks like Matt Damon. Love watching and listening to him.

Kay Arnold I originally thought Brynn had this hands down, but I’m now thinking Britton will be the winner.

Kim Wetzel-Williams I think all of the top 24 were very good; the top 12 are fantastic. People are not going to agree on who is better and best, because we like different genres of music. I fail to understand why there are so many arguments on the subject of who is best. It makes no more sense than arguing about whether the sky is better than the ground or the oceans.

Nita Ingham He is cute, but I just do not get the hype over his voice, which I think is average….they rave over him, and I have not seen anything exceptional at all. I love that song by Mellencamp, and did not think he had the grit for it.

Tracy Faulkner I'm for this kid. Humble and talented. Hasn't sung professionally anywhere (which I think should be mandatory for contestancts) as has Kala. So many contestants would LOVE the opportunity to be back up for Jennifer Hudson. Should be a totally amateur competition. Enough ranting. Briton for the win! love Britton Buchanan Small Town 

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