Britton Buchanan Perfect | ‘The Voice’ Top 11: ‘America’s Choice Vote

Britton Buchanan Sings “Perfect” ‘The Voice’ Top 11: ‘America’s Choice

Britton Buchanan Perfect

For Monday’s Top 11 episode of “The Voice,” viewers are more involved than ever. Not only do you vote for your favorite contestants, but you have helped select the songs that will be performed during “America’s Choice”

Britton is excited. He has a girlfriend. Oooh. It’s Livia Faith who was eliminated from Team Alicia in an earlier round. Love is just blooming all over these singing shows! They met at the Blind Auditions. He sent her chocolate covered strawberries. Aw. Alicia works with him on how to be both vulnerable and soulful. She’s coming to the show. He’ll be dedicating the song to her. The arrangement has a tenderness the original does not. Britton takes his time with the vocal, which is dripping with emotion and vulnerability.If this isn’t an iTunes hit, well then I just don’t know. Dude must really be in love.  He’s only 18. So young love. She’s crying. HE’S CRYING! Alicia says, “You are not a joke…there’s no bells, no whistles. Just you and your voice and your music and your power…” 

Britton Buchanan sings John Mellencamp's "Small Town" during the live top 12 performances.

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Viewers reacted to Britton Buchanan Perfect

Sarah Berry He was good. Dallas is cute as a bug but she absolutely butchered that song, it was bad

Paul Bayless The judges do a disservice to the contestants and the show when they compliment a terrible performance instead of offering constructive criticism.

Erik Delka They need Simon Cowell on this show to be straight forward with these singers. He was good but Dallas sounded horrid

Layla Walsh Britton is sooooo good I'm really glad Alicia went with him and not Dallas .they're both really talented but Dallas had way too many breaks in her voice in that song IT WAS BAD I'm sorry it just was Alicia made the right choice going with Briton

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