Britton Buchanan "Dancing on My Own" Top 8 The Voice Instant Save

Britton Buchanan Sings “Dancing on My Own”

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Britton Buchanan "Dancing on My Own" 

Tonight the Voice 2018 Top 4 will be revealed

Britton brings real artistry to the stage. HE DESERVES TO ADVANCE. Period. Smart to perform an emotional ballad. And he’s singing like his entire life depends on it. Sure there were some wobbles. But so much emotion. GO BRITTON. Alicia says “You gave me whole body chills.” OH WOW. Adam just told America to vote for Britton!

Britton’s Got this! When the graphic went out, he was sitting at 47% Pryor at 31% and Kaleb at 22%.So tons of drama tonight, but in the end, I’m real happy with the ENTIRE Final Four. No complaints here. Bummed that Britton had to sing for the save, but hey–we got a cool Robyn cover out of it1 silver linings. 

Still, Spensha Baker advancing straight to the final is curious. Her performance last night got mixed reviews. As far as iTunes rankings are concerned, she was generally middling. I’m sure it helped she was Team Blake. But that didn’t help Pryor Baird at all.

Britton Buchanan sings "Dancing on My Own"  for his Top 8 The Voice Instant Save

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