Britain’s Got Talent Finalists 2018 Revealed

Britain's Got Talent Finalists 2018

BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT 2018 semi-finals continued on ITV this evening with another host of acts ready to be judges by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams.

One act hoping to impress both the judges and viewers at home was Mandy Muden.

The magician took to the stage in a leopard print wrap dress but as she walked towards the judges to begin her performance, her stunt double could be seen.

They were accidentally caught on stage carrying his wig, shows and handbag.

Lost Voice Guy 

Prepare for your cheeks to hurt from laughing as Lost Voice Guy brings his hilarious comedy act to our Semi-Final stage.
Watch as he ropes in some of your fave songs and even the Queen for back up!

The D-Day Darlings  

The D-Day Darlings are here to close the show in style and remind us what Britain’s Got Talent is all about…

Watch as they remind everyone to be proud to be British, and are joined by some very special guests on stage!

Donchez Dacres

It’s time for David’s Golden Buzzer act Donchez to take to the stage…

We know he’s got the wiggle, we know he’s got the wine, what else could he possibly need at the Semi’s?! Trust us he’s bringing plenty more, it’s time for a CARNIVAL!

Calum Courtney

Isn’t she lovely? Don’t you mean isn’t HE lovely? Watch as Calum delivers a truly adorable performance of the Stevie Wonder classic.

Watch as he dedicates the song especially to his mum. But will he have the Judges’ hearts melting tonight?

Robert White

Get ready for your cheeks to hurt from too much laughter! Robert White is taking to our Semi-Final stage and he’s bringing the comedy gold with him.

But look out Judges, you know he’s not going to leave you unscathed in this act…

Gruffydd Wyn 

Gruffydd is here to blow everyone away with his incredible vocals! Watch as he takes on the operatic classic ‘Nelle Tue Mani’. Wow – how does he hit those notes?!


Get ready to fall crazy in love with DVJ as they close tonight’s BGT Semi Final in style… Bringing ALL of the moves, passion and sass to the stage, Diversity’s mini-mes are bringing the next generation of dance into the spotlight!

Jack & Tim

Prepare for your hearts to melt as quite probably the world’s cutest father/ son duo take to the BGT stage

Micky P Kerr

Jetting in from up north with his guitar, Micky P Kerr is here to put a smile on your face with his hilarious guitar and jokes combo…

Giang Brothers

With an incredible act of strength and balance, The Giang Brothers are here to blow us all away!


Tonight was the last of our Semi-Finals and the level of talent was incredible!

Viewers reacted to Britain's Got Talent Finalists 2018

Amanda Henderson I’m loving all these comedians in the final! I also want to congratulate Dec for doing a brilliant job hosting. Dec’s got talent!

Rebecca L Price Alesha said she wanted to see a female comedian in the final then didn't vote for her?

Sue McCormack As comedians go, I didn't find him funny to be honest! Robert and lost voice guy are absolutely hilarious ove the two guys who went through though, such skill! 

Sandra James Disappointed with Dec and That Walliams. It's been rubbish, it needs both ant and Dec, Ant doesn't need to sing or dance, he's the better of the two presenters, especially after how Ant behaved with Walliams, too creepy.

Tracy Jacob So five singers
Two singing comedians 
Lost voice guy
DVJ(dance group)
The two brothers (acrobacts)
Bet wildcard be the b positive choir

Kirsten Farr I wouldn't have put him through, he wasn't anywhere near as good as the other comedians this year nor as good as the two runners up.

Brian Davies Disgusted that Simon cowell said that Miky P was original! I sugest he watches Mike Harding!!! As he was the one Miky P is taking after,

Ian Grinham happy with the result tonight although i really like mandy as well,hope she gets the wildcard glad there were no singers through tonight as there are way to many in the final already

Catherine Cox How is it s fix. He got the biggest share of the public vote, I would have liked Mandy to go through together with him but it is what it is. I must say it's the first time this week I've agreed with the winner but we're all different.

Angela Roberts mandy was robbed by this guy mandy was variety funnier and entertaining more funnier than him so happy my fave act giang got through hope they wn or one of the comedians robert and lost voice guy

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Final airs Sunday on ITV at 7.30pm.

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