Marc Spelmann Gets the First Golden Buzzer of 2018

Britains Got Talent 2018 Golden Zuzzer

Mark Spelmann auditions for Britain's Got Talent

Hope you've got a comical amount of hankies up that sleeve Mark Spelmann because we're all gonna need one…

Viewers reacted to Britain's Got Talent 2018 Golden Zuzzer

Matthew Humphrey

Let me explain how he does it and it’s the worst trick ever seen on bgt
Red crayon got the daughter to draw with all colours after it’s revealed he plays the clip of the red one ( much better if he played the video then revealed the colour but he can’t as he has no clue what colour it is ) 
Same with the penguin see above 
Rubix cube the box he puts it in has a sticker on the top with the same pattern as video as you see he never asked her to show the pattern till he takes it back out 
Book all pages are the same and all pages have hat circled the pen has no ink, he never showed anybody the book pages ever 

Nicky Tyman

Britain's Got Talent 2018 Golden Zuzzer, I must be a massive cynic cos I thought along the same lines & that it wasn't particularly magical. And basically just used his wife's cancer, not relevant to the act, to get the sympathy vote. He could have done the same act without mentioning his wife had cancer when pregnant

Dave Musgrave This was the most magical act I will ever see. Nobody will ever understand the strength and courage it takes to go through IVF. After recently finding out we are having a baby girl through IVF this really touched our hearts. Ant has been through the same thing with his wife and is one reason why he's so emotionally broken right now. I hope the nation stand by Ant and also raise awareness of fertility issues in men and women.

Ashvir Sidhu It's a sad story n all and I'm really happy for the guy but, this is Britain's got TALENT. I hate to be that one guy but I'm going to be. When you watch talentshows you want to see unique, intriguing and outstanding talent. Artist's who have honed there craft to show the nation what they have to offer. While I feel deep sympathy for this person, I don't believe a story warrants him going through at all love Britain's Got Talent 2018 Golden Zuzzer for him

Claire Hartill Ant should be at live shows to support his act… he has done wrong but addiction is a horrible disease that takes over you and unless you or someone you love has been through it you will never know how it works…. excluding him and judging him will not help

Chris Mark Munday Don’t know if anyone else noticed….. when it came to Simons selection the video said ‘this was taken about two years ago’ …….. now rewind to his introduction when he said his daughter was two but not there probably watching peppa pig….. sorry to wreck the illusion but a talking 1 month old is talent at its best

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