Brian King Joseph Violinist SIMON SAYS HE COULD WIN Semi-Finals 2 America’s Got Talent 2018

 Brian talks about his debilitating neuropathy and says he “can’t give up.” As he plays, Brian descends from a platform and performs a very energetic number. His positive, sunny personality combined with his musical chops will get him into the final. “I love you Brian King,” says Heidi. “This was in such a different league to everything else tonight,” says Simon. “This is witnessing star power.” Simon says, “I think you could actually win this show. ” Maybe he could.Howie calls the production “Seamless.” Mel says, “You give us your all every single time.” 

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RESULTS Semi-Finals 2 Brian King Joseph Angel City Chorale America's Got Talent 2018 AGT

Surprised Brian isn’t performing later in the show. He’s a front runner! But at least he’s not second or third. In his video package, Brian talks about how playing violin is his therapy for the nerve disease he battles. He performs Kanye West’s “Heartless.” I wish the orchestrations were strippped back so the audience could really experience his talent. The overall sound is generic. But his talent and charisma can’t be denied. LOOK IT’S FLOATING DRUMMERS!Simon and Heidi are on their feet. Howie says it’s the kind of performance to close the show. “You’ve just set the bar for the whole evening.” Mel B. calls him the best of all time. “You ooze confidence,” she says. Heidi calls him lovable. “I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.” Simon says, “This is everything this show should be. You have a real shot here.” Tara asks if he has a message for Kanye. “Take me on tour let’s go!”

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