March 6th MORNING Update April the Giraffe

April the Giraffe live cam

March 6th MORNING Update April the Giraffe

"Photos don't do it justice!" – Corey

As predicted – April's evening brought new changes this morning, prompting keeper notification sent to both park management and veterinary team.

Udders have filled.
We have yellow/cloudy discharge.

April the Giraffe Pregnant 2019 Live S tream

Dr Tim's request is to observe discharge amounts/presence throughout day. If still there this afternoon (steady discharge), it is good indication we are "there". Now of course, "there", could be hours, a day or so, perhaps… so I'll take the blame here and say – things are looking "imminent" (-Jordan).

What I will promise, it won't be two months of waiting!
Should we hit April 1st – I will literally wipe egg from my face!

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