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Boycott the NRA Supporters and Sponsors

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With mounting pressure from consumers and a growing BoycottNRA movement online, companies are severing business ties with the National Rifle Association in wake of the deadly Parkland shooting.

Boycott the NRA Supporters and Sponsors

With mounting pressure from consumers and a growing #BoycottNRA movement online, companies are severing business ties…

Người đăng: Boycott the NRA vào 26 Tháng 2 2018

A List of the Companies Cutting Ties With the N.R.A.

Viewers reacted to boycott the NRA supporters and sponsors:

Karan Jenkins-Diaz The trumpies are so triggered! Now watch the Trump supporters will boycott these companies. Although when Trump supporters boycott. It seems to bring those companies more business

Craig Goodsir Good news. By 2020, the NRA will have minimal political power because by then, accepting their money will be accepting blood money. The people are winning. Innocent lives will be saved.

Ed Bailey I won’t do business with any company that does that. The NRA is not the problem. The govt screwed this up. Liberal buttholes like CBS and others are the ones trying to get the NRA. I’ll be renewing my membership soon. Boycott the NRA supporters and sponsors right now

Seain O Ceallaigh A teenager shoots up a school and its the NRA’s fault. 4 deputies stood down at the school while the rampage went on. But its the NRA’s fault. No accountability. its not the teens fault he was on anti depressants. its a great defense. What kind of a message are you sending out to the other nuts that want to kill their class mates.

Ike Eslao NRA used to be a gun safety organization. Now it has evolved into a large lobby group to promote the interest of big business in the weapons industry under the guise of protecting 2nd amendment rights. It uses large amount of funding to put politicians in power to promote its interests first.

Tanner Marty Boy, some of you gun toting NRA lovers get so damn but hurt…you, have a right to have a gun. Shit, I, grew up with guns but I never really cared for them. You want to hunt get a bolt action, you want to protect your home and family buy a pistol or a shotgun. You, do not need an ak47 or ar15.

Gregg Clary The NRA is a Political Juggernaut it has been for a long time, It uses guns as a way to generate money for bribing politicians, they need to be watered down, they are one of the most powerful in Washington.

Chris Eckert Sanso And u guys just don’t get it because you can’t see past your selfish it’s my right it’s my right blow it out your ass your all going down the lives are more important than your fn guns no-one in their right mind needs an assault weapon wake up cause the KIDS AND NEXT GENERATION ARE COMING BETTER RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Kathy Miklus YEA!!!!! Responsible companies are listening to the anti-NRA movement. These companies realize that people’s lives, children’s lives are more important than the NRA and it push to arm everyone with guns. Ban the assault rifles! Legal age to buy guns should be 21 just like buying alcohol, cigarettes, porn magazines, etc. THANK YOU HERTZ!!!

Timothy Patrick Dominic Mason March for life, DC/London/NY and more. March 24. The NRA used to be for gun safety. now, they are controlled by gun manufacturers. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The 2nd amendment doesn’t give you the right to bazookas, nuclear weapons, or even an assault rifle, so says scalia’s supreme court. those are the facts.

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