DANGER Act Bir Khalsa group America's Got Talent 2019 Judge Cuts

OMG! DANGER Act Bir Khalsa HITS Friend With A Sledgehammer – America’s Got Talent 2019

Bir Khalsa Group America's Got Talent 

After the judge cuts, one of the members left the trio (!!!). Now there is a new guy, who is narrating the video package. The har har is that he’s the new guy who could mess up and smash a head instead of a watermelon. This time, the group works with fire. Salt in the eyes and a blindfold. Looks painful. At least it’s not the new guy. No mallets this week–a chainsaw and a giant cucumber, which the giant guy holds in his mouth. The cutting commences, all the way down to his mouth. Next, the blindfolded guy hacks an ice block set on the giant’s chest. The routine ends with the ole mallet and watermelon. Nobody dies! Simon calls it “fantastically crazy…dangerous.” Howie says, “This is everything I love in this show.” Gabrielle says “You knocked it out of the park.” Gabrielle says, “You crushed it out of the park.” 

One slip up could cost them their life…I'm sorry, but I thought they're audition was hard enough to watch but this act? Is just completely insane! It's hard to enjoy and act when you're getting sick to your stomach from being afraid to watch what may just go so wrong! After reading the title for this video? I watched thinking they're going to cut it off from a gruesome accident

Karamjit and Kawaljit Singh take this danger act to new heights by smashing coconuts and melons while wearing a blindfold!

Bir Khalsa Group in Slovakia got talent

Bir Khalsa Group from Punjab


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