Bills Players Say They Confronted Eagles Fans After He Made ‘Life Threatening’ Threats Against Them

During Sunday’s Bills-Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Buffalo’s Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips got into a physical confrontation with an Eagles fan sitting behind the Bills bench. The clip of the altercation went viral and led to Phillips and Lawson releasing statements, saying the Eagles fan made “life threatening” threats against them.


In the Instagram post, Lawson claimed the fan began making the threats before the game but was not removed by security after the Bills brought it to their attention.  He also apologized for the shove, saying he “crossed a line” and it was a “mistake.” Phillips, meanwhile, called the alleged threats from the fan “a line that shouldn’t be crossed.”

According to Mike Catalana of 13WHAM in Buffalo, the National Football League is aware of threats reportedly made against the two players and their families.

Viewer react to Bills Players Confronted Life Threatening Threats:

Daniel Apodaca

I remember going to the Raiders Vs Jets playoffs game at the Coliseum and watching warm ups from the Other Black Hole. Man those were some crazy taunting coming from some raider fans as well as some racial slurs.
Thankfully the raiders won but I’ll never forget that experience as a young fan

Billy Baker
Remember the old saying…”sticks and stones….”
Be the bigger person, and ignore it…Don’t go put your hands on someone because they got under your skin.

Deena Dunlap Brabham
Eagle fans are the worst. They destroy their city if they win or lose a big game. Plus don’t forget that they threw beer bottles at Santa back in the day. Also they cheered when Michael Irvin had his career ending injury. Some dude makes a life threatening comment (allegedly) to a few players and so the players goes towards the person that threatened their life (allegedly). People like to get comfortable mouthing off thinking the other person won’t or can’t do anything about it. Like a little chihuahua yapping off at the dog behind a locked gate. But the second the gate opens they run away.

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