Bianca Ryan Returns After Battling Paralyzed Vocal Cord – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Bianca Ryan  Say Something

Got Talent: The Champions is an upcoming reality television series spin-off set to air on NBC. The show will premiere on January 7, 2019 . America’s Got Talent: The Champions premiers tonight with the first 10 acts of 50 competing for YOUR votes.

Bianca Ryan – Singer – America’s Got Talent 2006 – Winner – She was only 11 years old when she auditioned with “And I Am Telling You” back in 2006. The video was one of the first to hit 1 Mil views on Youtube. We previewed this audition HERE. Bianca details her voice failing and needing surgery to correct a paralyzed cord. Slowly her fan base forgot about her. Now, she’s working hard for a comeback. She performs “Say Something” by a Great Big World. Twelve years later, her voice is still really big. It’s sad she had to experience that kind of defeat at such a young age. Reason #2382845 I’m against young kids being made to run the singing show gauntlet.  Simon gives her a big thumbs up. He gives her credit for helping the show take off.  Howie says, “You truly are a champion.” Mel calls it “Amazing.” Heidi dittos. Simon calls her charming and her performance a great start to the show. FYI: The panel on season 1 was completely different. 

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