The Voice Battles 2019: Betsy Ade and Lisa Ramey PERFORM "The Joke"

Betsy Ade and Lisa Ramey PERFORM “The Joke”

Betsy Ade and  Lisa Ramey

Lisa’s voice is more soul, while Betsy’s is pop-rock.  John says they both deliver raw-energy.  The song is about being the underdogs.  It’s perfect for Lisa because it’s her second time on the show.  Lisa auditioned in a previous season and didn’t get a chair and this season John turned.  Betsy is a substitute elementary teacher and plays in a band at night.  The song has a slow build, and it crescendos to a powerful, piercing place.  It transcends genres, adccording to John.  

Betsy says Lisa commands attention, and Khalid says LIsa’s voice captures you.  Betsy misses her son, reads his note.  She is singing the song for her son.  LIsa says Betsy is fire, she tells you a story and nothing will distract you from it.  Khalid tells them about a car accident that he had that made him decide to pursue his dream of music.  He tells them to reflect on everything that has brought them here.  Flash to stage rehearsal… Betsy can’t wait to sing the song.  John is torn about this one…

Lisa starts off tender, she is wearing all black and her hair is in her signature mohawk.  Betsy is also wearing a black suit.  Betsy sounds like she is talking in this part of the song, not loving that.  When the key raises, this is better, Lisa is hitting some big notes.  Betsy has a weird vibrato thing going on, but she hits some power notes too.  Some of these moves are a little weird.  Quiet, tender ending.  All four judges on their feet.  Kelly is cheering (they must have heard something I didn’t).  I thought it was good but not great.  Adam says he was in to both of them.  Loved the power and emotion of it.  Blake tells them it was a magical moment.  Lisa had the edge in the verses (I agree).  Betsy had more power, good luck John.  Kelly says they exuded power- vocal, emotional and a blessing to watch.  John is worried because they both deserve to be on the show.  They aren’t afraid of the stage, they embrace it.  The winner of this battle is….  Lisa!  Lisa electifried him just a little bit more with her power.  He says it was just a hair more.  Betsy Ade is available to steal, Kelly Clarkson wastes no time.  We have a steal!  Kelly said Betsy blew her away and she used her last steal.  Betsy Ade is now Team Kelly!  

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