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Bethany Teague Audition: “Piece By Piece” by Kelly Clarkson Leaves You In Tears – American Idol 2024

bethany teague american idol

bethany teague american idol

American Idol’s 22nd season continues on ABC Sunday March 24. The Auditions 5 episode includes the last of the hopefuls whom judges. It’s Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” like you’ve never heard it! Bethany Teague pours her heart and soul into her IDOL audition and has the judges getting emotional right along with her.

Bethany was adopted by her grandmother at 5. She chooses to sing an emotional song, which likely matches her life experiences. Her vocal is deep and full of character and heft. Her range soars. The judges are clearly moved. She tears up at the end. Her mom passed away after giving birth to her sister. and she says “she doesn’t have” a father.
Katy wants to feel another gear “of that passion.” Lionel calls it “very moving.” Luke thinks with more confidence she’ll be even better. He thinks she brings something different compared to Kelly’s version. – 3 yeses.

Viewer react to Bethany Teague American Idol performance.

Melanie Ann Smith
Aww she’s very likable but she did not sing that song well or got the words right in a few places. She’s needs another year or two and she will be good. It sounded like she was struggling for sure.

Robin Stouffer
Bethany! I am so proud of you for finding your God given gift! I volunteered with your Uncle and Aunt at church and they are a blessing and so are you! Enjoy everything

Sherry Westergom White
Ohh my gosh, Bethany Teague that was so amazing! I sat here crying watching you! We are so proud of you!! We can’t wait to watch your journey! I didnt care for her voice i dont think it was quite good enough to compete on idol…I think they should’ve asked her to come back when her voice matures like they have many times. Kelly Clarkson would be very proud of you singing her beautiful song. Amazing young singer and love Bethany Teague American Idol performance tonight on American Idol.

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