Beth Griffith-Manley’s “Until You Come Back to Me” Is Stunning – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Beth Griffith Manley The Voice

Beth Griffith-Manley performs "Until You Come Back to Me" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

The first contestant says being here is like being on wings and you’re ready to fly.  For one of the coaches to turn for her would be validating, she’s been a background singer for so long.  Her Dad was a Motown musician, Johnny Griffith, one of the Funk Brothers.  They were Grammy winners and have a Hollywood star.  (Think Dancing in the Streets).  She worked as a receptionist at a recording studio and got a background artist gig for Anita Baker.  

She’s singing an Aretha song, because her Dad was Aretha’s first piano player.    This song is so overdone, good but nothing special so far.  She looks gorgeous in a red blouse.  John & Kelly turn as she gets into the first chorus.  She did a really different take on that song, with runs in unusual places and subdued in parts.  

Two chair turn.  Adam says he’s in love with her but he didn’t turn because John & Kelly turned.  John says he’s from the Midwest too and that it was a beautiful song choice.  Kelly said good song choice, she nailed it, has a voice that moves her.  Blake asks her about her background.  Beth says she’s a little bit turn, but she picks Team Kelly!  because she thinks Kelly can help her develop the rasp in her voice.  Kelly says she’s blessed to have a classic voice on her team.

Bantering between the coaches about sports ball.  Time for the next audition.

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